Subsky-Strawberry Fields (Da Funk's Double Dragon Dub) Reviewed by YourEDM

As a personal hero of mine, I often look up to the masterful talents of Da Funk,
as his omnipotent knowledge of artists, styles and tracks continue to mesmerize me upon each and every single re-listen of his all inclusive sets.

He is an artist that personally inspires me to continue my work as a musical curator and his immerse productions are always at the top of the charts in terms of sheer elegance and beauty.
He is one of the few remaining artists whose main sonic direction is towards Nu Disco with singles such as Budenzauber, Soul Knights and his newest upcoming single of Mad Satin, but has also been known to innovate in other genres such as Breaks, Deep House and Progressive.

He is fascinated with the 80’s era of music and culture and his sets often include many classics and hidden gems that he effortlessly located throughout his long tenure as an artist. However, his newest remix to an old classic has brought out a newer style within him, and we are totally digging its rich and intricate texture structures.

To revitalize the all time classic of Strawberry Fields by Subsky, Da Funk has issued a ‘Double Dragon‘ dub mix to mix old and new underneath one, complete track.
The mixture of tribal rhythms and deep, yet driving basslines make this the perfect rework to spice up a set or to listen to for those moments of pure, underground bliss.
Andrew Quigley (YourEDM)

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Sam Graham-Continental Twist (Da Funk's Rainmaker Dub) out now!

Release Info:
The ranks of Intricate Cuts have swollen. The new recruit is a young Irishman Sam Graham, a resident at Manchester-based nightclub Drop the Mustard. As a member of Drop the Mustard team Sam travelled all over the major countries of Europe and played at numerous festivals including Hideout in Croatia and Parklife in the United Kingdom.

Sam's discography already contains some remarkable releases on labels like Crazy Rabbit, Love Not Money and Cue, in May 2014 a significant addition to it in form of the new single "Continental Twist" will be made a light and fanciful romance between a guitar and a synthesizer at the wash of the waves.

In addition to the original version comes a more "male", clockwork Rainmaker Dub as produced by Da Funk - the founder of Acryl Music label, the veteran of the Swiss electronic music scene from the city of Winterthur.

Out now!

Peter Illias–Summer Vibes (Da Funk’s Sommernachtstraum Rework) Reviewed by YourEDM


Switzerland’s own Da Funk has been rapidly receiving critical acclaim throughout the year of 2013 with a wide variety of big, quality releases. But what makes this interesting is the fact that his individual musical journey does not reflect what many other producers are currently experiencing.

Instead of tired anthems and overplayed basslines, Da Funk instead resides in the murky depths of Deep House with his low-cut basslines and effortless, cool melodies.

Throughout his releases, it seems as though his ultimate goal is to showcase the beaming qualities of Deep House to a new, more adventurous generation while aesthetically pushing the boundaries on what can be considered Deep House through interesting timbral risks and experiments into musical structure.

After a breakout success of his Smug / Don’t Let Go double EP on Anjunadeep, he now turns his attention towards a highly unusual remix to Peter Illias‘s upcoming single, Summer Vibe. By taking modest cues from decades long gone and fully embracing the sensibilities of Deep House, Da Funk creates a vintage, confident cut that combines different sounds from many eras and genres of music.

It is interesting to note that he has called this particular remix the ‘Sommernachtstraum Rework‘. While the Original is a more modern sounding piece, this version gives more of a vintage feel due to the iconic piano that serves as the main hook of the entire piece.

The piano is actually the iconic E-Piano sound from the Yamaha DX-7 Pure Synthesizer, and it was a highly popular sound in many 1980′s ballads. By using such a classic sound coupled with 21st century synth sounds, it brings forth a fascinating contrast throughout the entire piece and gives it an intimate, nighttime sort of feel; (hence the phrase ‘Sommernachstraum‘ meaning ‘Summernight’s Dream‘).

Stacked piano, lush pads, cushy basskicks, and old school percussive sounds begins the start of the piece as loungy synths and subtle Progressive Trance-esque sounds add a touch of flair to the melody. These sounds are positioned so that the main focus is on the sultry female vocal timbres and intermittent saxophone.

It seems with every phrase, a different instrument pops up, keeping listeners on their toes as new sounds surround the soundscape.

This remix of Summer Vibe brilliantly gives off a classic 80′s lounge vibe while still keeping things fresh and interesting for the listener. Da Funk‘s Sommernachstraum Rework of Peter Illias‘s single, Summer Vibe, is out now on Silk Textures Records on Beatport. Head on over to Beatport to pick up this quality Deep House tune today.

Keep the music alive. -Q


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Da Funk-Smug / Don't Let Go Review @ Fluxx BPM Online

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Anjunadeep is an example of a record label that started from the periphery of the EDM spectrum and now it seems that the sound of this label is all over the place and many artists that started from Anjunadeep moved to Anjunabeats that means that the label manage to get the acceptance, big exposure and huge respect from the community.

From mainly melodic prog house gems the label moved to other territories as well like deep house, tech house, ambient and even garage house. The brand new EP on Anjunadeep is the perfect warm up material for any house or even melodic trance set.

If you love to travel with your mind to faraway places while you dance freely with your favourite sexy grooves and hypnotic rhythms the Swiss Da Funk is right in front of your door to offer you two stunning examples of being futuristic based on the influences from the past.

You can not invent a brand new EDM style that is not based on already existing music styles and mainly house music that seems to be the base for the majority of other styles.

Da Funk provides two magnificent tracks that move within the progressive/melodic deep house territory . Smug is a melodic summery deep prog house composition that will impress you for sure as it starts slowly with a long atmospheric intro and then slowly is building up its various elements with bubbly beats, acid overtones, excellent little night/jazzy grooves, funky deep basslines and blissful melodies.

With some interesting edits and effects the track changes direction and allows some more energetic elements to penetrate its main section until the same effects to lead to the breakdown until the beat to come back for an impressive climax packed with melodies and incredible magical atmosphere.

Don't Let Go on the other side is an energetic melodic tribal house track that draws from wide canvas of music influences such as club house styles of the past with diva house style vocal samples to acid jazz/funk.

With ability to carry you away and suck you into its hypnotic spacey soundscape is definitely one of those tunes that the crowd will search and play it at home during holidays or lazy Sunday afternoons.

Jaw dropping release, Highly Recommended for the eclectic house ears.
Love it!

Da Funk-Smug / Don't Let Go Review

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Da Funk-The Last Dance Review (MM)

Acryl Music's head honcho Daniel Kneubühler aka. Da Funk takes a break from his usual deep house sound and ventures off to the sunny side of electronic dance music, cosmic disco! "The Last Dance" is the latest release on Dany's label as it caters two brand new tracks that will definitely take you to places you've never been to before. 
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Da Funk-The Last Dance Review (TIWWD)

Da Funk-Clavia Aurea Review (YATM)

One of the most underrated producers in house music and a personal favourite of ours, Da Funk hails from Zurich, Switzerland. His own imprint Acryl Music has been firing out some fantastic releases since 2004, and his own productions and remixes have become mainstays in many discerning DJ's boxes over the years.

His latest release on Dutchie Music 'Clavia Aurea' however, really is something special. Often it's one great track that defines a producer; sometimes it's a debut release, and sometimes it takes several years to happen. In our opinion, 'Clavia Aurea' might just be Da Funk's moment in the sunshine.

Uplifting, beautiful, bordering on euphoric, but with a real elegance and sense of cool throughout, this track could easily stand comparisons to vintage Milton Jackson or Scope productions. But I would argue there is even more personality, warmth, soul and to this record- it really makes you tingle in all the right places. If dropped at the right moment to an open-minded dancefloor, this track has the potential to create one of those life-changing clubbing moments.

'Clavia Aurea' is out now on Dutchie Music, with remixes to follow.

Da Funk-Clavia Aurea Review (TIWWD)

Da Funk-Need For Faith Review

Swiss producer and Acryl Music head honcho Da Funk, takes over for the label's golden release, "Need For Faith"!

Acryl Music has been industry since 2004, but it is only now that the label releases its 50th release-- a clear sign that it's always quality over quantity for Da Funk and the guys behind the label.

Together with the original, expect authentic deep house remixes from Si Brad (Simon Bradshaw), Pete Moss, Elmar Schubert, and Q-Burns Abstract Message.
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Da Funk-Need For Faith Review (TIWWD)

Da Funk-Words To Say Review

Da Funk-Zurich, Switzerland Review (Klang Der Nacht)

Musik für kommende Frühlingsstunden..
Freunde der gepflegten Housebeats aufgepasst! Warme Sounds sind im Umflauf für kältegeplagte Ohren. Die 5. Ausgabe der Dutchie Worldwide Reihe kommt direkt aus Zürich. Gemixt von Produzent und DJ Da Funk (Acryl Music). Das in Miami ansässige Label Dutchie Music hat sich den deepen Housebeats verschrieben. Von roh bis sanft.

Die fünfte Ausgabe greift auf den Dutchie Music-Katalog zurück, präsentiert Unveröffentlichtes und ist angereichert mit einigen Stücken des Labels Acryl Music. Mit dabei Artists wie The Timewriter, Jay Tripwire, Beat Pharmacy, Elmar Schubert, Jon Silva, Harold Heath und Da Funk selber. Definitiv Musik für das Warten auf den Frühling.

Zu kaufen hier.

Jevne-Following The System (incl. Da Funk Remix) Review (Klubber)

Mineapolis vio nacer a este productor norteamericano llamado Jevne.
De entrega house atolondrado diria yo, se puede catalogar este tema original que nos presenta en esta serie regular que saca al mercado el próximo més de Marzo, y que sobre todo suena a house descontrolado con vocales y que busca la pista con poco orden y sobrecargando los sonidos en todos sus rangos.  Problema al que se le une el track  original del mismo productor que cierra el ep.

Asunto aparte es el remix del suizo Da Funk, que transformando por completo el tema y respetando alguna de las frecuencias como el vocal femenino alcanza a conectar con un house de tintes progresivos y atmosféricos que suena creible y contundente.

Una producción que mejora exponencialmente al original y se puede decir que salva el ep sin duda alguna. Sonido grueso y envolvente que se apodera del escuchante con una producción y sintesis muy interesante.

El remix de Pete Dafeet (Lost my Dog), se queda a medio camino entre ambos, dejando una sensación de deslabazamiento en su producción que no consigue mejorar con una métrica correcta y un sonido eficiente.

Da Funk-Zurich, Switzerland Review (TIWWD)

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Da Funk-Gloomy Scene Review De:Bug

“Shake That Thing” ist schon mal eine Ansage. Der langsam immer tiefer rubbelnde Groove auch, aber dann werden die Hintergrundsamples immer intensiver und man hat fast das Gefühl, dass hier jemand einen Technotrack in einem Housegroove zu verstecken sucht.

Brüllende Basslines, schnittige Sequenzen, purer Workout. Der Pablo Fierro Dub macht das einiges smoother, verliert aber in den wohlklingenden Synths manchmal die Übersicht, und die beiden anderen Mixe braucht es nicht.
Bleed (De:Bug)

Da Funk-Gloomy Scene Review (TIWWD)

Craig Stewart-Make Me E.P. (incl. Da Funk Remix) Review

Craig Stewart is known for going on a pursuit with Johnny Montana in perfecting moonlight-inspired deep and soulful house music as heard in their productions and remixes like "Lunar Eyes", "Million to One", and "State of Mind". Make Me EP— Stewart's latest release on Acryl Music is quite different— it is minus Johnny Montana and the soulful vibe, but a plus to the technical and groovy sound of the deep! To celebrate this release, Alex V, Office Gossip, and Acryl Music head honcho, Da Funk also contribute their respective remixes to the package.
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Da Funk-Gloomy Scene Review

It's been around two years since Acryl Music label owner, Da Funk released material on his label. As he breaks the spell, he sends out his latest craft, "Gloomy Scene" fresh from the deep with remixes courtesy of Pablo Fierro, Addex, and GarcyNoise!
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iDJ Mag Review

Da Funk-Come On Review

Russel Deeks (i-DJ Magazine) reviewed Da Funk-Come On on his very own "This Is Why We Dance" Blog.

Da Funk-Gated Que E.P. Review

One of the veterans in the deep house scene is back with a massive release from 2600 Records! Hailing all the way from Winterthur, Switzerland, Da Funk unleashes his latest five-tracker EP entitled Gated Que containing two original tracks and three remixes from Ivan I & Raygun, Onur Ozman, and Andy Mowat!
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Da Funk-Look Ahead E.P. Review

Da Funk-Look Ahead E.P. (Justified Cause - CAUSE015)
Barca based label Justified Cause join the UM family with this cracker by Da Funk - Look Ahead is a sweet sounding deep journey into the Acryl Music founders sound. Warmth and depth, delicate electronic layers and a groove that's just awesome.

The Final Stage picks up the tempo a touch with a dynamic bassline and filtered acidic vibes - mean sounding deep house. And so it goes for the other two tracks too - superb deep house with that techy edge that makes a sound you just want more and more of!

Richie Hartness (Untitled Music)

Groove Department-Mai Thai (Da Funk Remix) Review

Picking up from the last review for Da Funk's Valverde remix of Stitches by Pete Moss, we once again visit another signature remix from Daniel "Da Funk" Kneubühler, this time, for Groove Department's Mai Thai.

Released under Ready Mix Records, the Da Funk's New York, New York Remix is undeniably one of Dany's breakthrough sound to the more straightforward and chic shade of deep house music. To start off, heavy kicks, echoing vocal snippets, and groovy bass-work get the job done, as the dark chord stabs bring the track to a whole new deep dimension. Moreover, this New York, New York remix caters a very body-moving piano build-up that effortlessly raises the track to its limits, leaving its listeners in great ecstatic awe.

Always a pleasure to have Da Funk here on Soundscapes, his tracks always leave us wanting for more! Support this wonderful release alongside the other records from the package!
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Pete Moss-Stitches (Da Funk's Valverde Remix) Review

Aside from being responsible for the six year old deep and tech house label, Acryl Music, Daniel Kneubühler, famously known as Da Funk, has proven himself as an indispensable figure in the scene. His celebrated sound has been characterized to be suave, deep, intoxicating, and sometimes electrifying. This time around, he takes remix duties for American producer Pete Moss and his new track, "Stitches".

The Da Funk's Valverde Remix of "Stitches" is not your ordinary deep house record. In fact, we get to hear a drift to the more atmospheric side of Dany's productions. From the dense and warm atmosphere he incorporates, to the tranquil and climactic peak heard in the track, the Valverde remix is truly a work of mastery and class.
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Da Funk-Weekend Rubdown Review

With a stage-name that puts his sounds into words, and a release titled in such a hip manner, it looks like Da Funk's latest release on Cabrio Records, "Weekend Rubdown", will surprise quite a number of deep house connoisseurs out there once again.

Moreover, two suave remixes from Mastercris and Ricky Inch heighten the excitement-factor of this release.
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Disclosure Project Recordings-Remixes Part 1 Review

Various Artists-Remixes Part1 | Disclosure Project Recordings

Kewl Sownd in the Da Funk remix is from that level you can't resist it's sound. The destructive base line will not miss it's purpose, adding atmosphere to a room and filling bodies with its sonic spectrum. This the kind of tracks you like to put on, as it's friendly for the ears and yet, effective for the floor. There's a nice hynotic vibe around without being mind hammering.

M-Lito & Nestora-Flying Over is quality deep house, filled with gently floating strings and little plucky synth sounds as a counter weight for the almost unnoticeable base line.

Do My-Mr. Jones 2010 remix resides in the deep house territory but has a tight rhythm and kick, suitable for those warm up sets or late,late night sets.
What I find remarkable in all Disclosure Project Recordings is the light-hearted atmosphere in their tracks, it keeps the songs fresh and leaves room for the separate sounds the tracks are build up with, to breath. And yet, the songs are complete. The secret of the good producer?

Paul Eaton-Kewl Sownd (Da Funk's Star Brigade Dub) by Da Funk

Krummstoff-In A Fog E.P. Review

Russel Deeks (i-DJ Magazine) reviewed the Krummstoff-In A Fog E.P. on his very own "This Is Why We Dance" Blog.