Da Funk-For Real out now!

Da Funk-For Real FINAL COVER

Da Funk-For Real
P&C 2024 Acryl Music

Da Funk unveils his next single 'For Real', as he sets the standard for production with another stunning track, showcasing Da Funk's signature sound in full force again.

'For Real' demonstrates Da Funk's impressive talent, as he skillfully balances rhythm, melody and harmony we have come to expect from the Switzerland born producer.

Da Funk proves once again that he is exceedingly adept at infecting the dancefloor with superb productions and plenty of groove to get the house heads noddin'.

Da Funk-Ahava out now!


Da Funk-Ahava
P&C 2024 Acryl Music

Da Funk, the sensational Swiss producer, active for almost three decades returns with 'Ahava', a deep, intense and emotional journey,
only he can do.

'Ahava' showcases Da Funk's multi-faceted production style, with a strong emphasis on bass and epic synthwork, balancing out the roughness
of the beat with it's spiritual qualities.

A multidimensional track that has both club appeal and emotional depth.

Da Funk-I Never Knew You out now!


Da Funk-I Never Knew You
P&C 2024 Acryl Music

Internationally acclaimed Swiss talent Da Funk steps it up again, with his first original material of the still young year.

'I Never Knew You' features Da Funk's signature blend of melodies and harmonies, offset by tougher elements of the tracks spacious and celestial production aesthetic on this unique club cut.

An overall soul-enriching experience, you have to experience to understand.

Da Funk-Redeemed out now!

Da Funk-Redeemed

Da Funk-Redeemed
P&C 2023 Acryl Music

Following his striking single 'Set Apart', swiss artist Da Funk returns with another slice of Deep House fire.

'Redeemed' showcases Da Funk's refined skills as a producer with his signature production style he's become known and loved for.

The beats of a well known drum machine lays the foundation for a chugging bassline and opulent synth-work, providing a warm and emotive backdrop while retaining plenty of dancefloor muscle.

In short, 'Redeemed' is another flawlessly executed cut from a man who once again attests his ability to produce dancefloor essentials
to the highest standard.

Da Funk-Set Apart out now!

Set Apart

Da Funk-Set Apart
P&C 2023 Acryl Music

Swiss veteran producer Da Funk's music draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical styles and with 'Set Apart' he makes clear where his house roots stem from.

His latest track 'Set Apart' shines with a 90s warehouse / rave kind of vibe, made out of hard hitting drums, contrasted by overwhelming emotion from melodies and harmonies.

'Set Apart' ramps up the energy through authentic sounds of classic synths and drum machines from that era. With bags of soul and groove thrown in for good measure, Da Funk demonstrates his exceptional production capabilities once again.