May 2010

Pablo Fierro-Just Break It E.P. (incl. Da Funk Remix) out now!

Pablo Fierro-Just Break It E.P.
Release Date: 2010/05/26
Cat.#: STRD003


01. Just Break It (Original Mix)
02. Just Break It (Alvaro Hylander Remix)
03. Just Break It (Soul Minority Afterhours Mix)
04. Just Break It (Simbad Remix)
05. Hold Me Back (Original Mix)
06. Hold Me Back (The Messenger Mix)
07. Hold Me Back (Da Funk's Won't Stop Remix)

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Pablo Fierro-Hold Me Back (Da Funk's Won't Stop Remix) by Da Funk

Da Funk-Tollkirschen out now!

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Da Funk makes his debut EP on Elevation after his ripping remix of 'Manhattan' by Adam Jace. Recent releases & remixes on I Records, Peppermint Jam, Conya, Disclosure, Plastic City and Acryl show the diversity of his talent and his knack for creating dancefloor magic.

Remixes duties are handed to Smacs & Patrick Kong (Dirt Crew), Pete Moss (Ovum ) and Fabien Kamb (Deepclass).Enjoy & please feedback if you like it and want to express it.

Da Funk-Tollkirschen ER047
1) Da Funk - Tollkirschen (Original Mix)
2) Da Funk - White Wipe (Original Mix)
3) Da Funk - Tollkirschen (Smacs & Patrick Kong Remix)
4) Da Funk - Tollkirschen (Fabien Kamb Remix)
5) Da Funk - White Whipe (Pete Moss Remix)

DJ Feedbacks:

"The Original of Tollkirschen is fantastic. 9/10"
Nick Warren (Way Out West)

"White Wipe original mix is serious! Deep groove with some nice funk! Will support! Thanks for sending!"
Nick Holder (Nrk, Dnh)
"Good work all round from my friend da funk! Am particularly loving the Pete Moss mix of white wipe....lovely!!!"
Moodymanc (Dessous, Tsuba)

"The original of Tollkirschen + the remix of White Wipe will both get spins. Top stuff! 10/10"
Tim Andresen (Toolroom, What Happens, Souther Fried)

"Nice EP, really like White Wipe, original and Pete Moss Remix !! Will Play !"
Soul Minority (Stratospherik, Pack Up And Dance)

"diversity wins over here, such a quality pack of originals and remixes. awesome!!"
Kosmas Epsilon (Elevation)

"really like that new epd, any chance i can get an early copy :D ?"
Hisham Zahran (Union Jack Records)

"White Wipe: lovely stab!"
Funk D'Void (Soma, Urbantorque)

"dope tracks here, deep and groovie, will play for sure!"
Pablo Bolivar (Regular)

"nice one. like the 2 originals, fabien´s and the pete moss thang. will play"
Henri Kohn (Clubstar, Conya)

Tom Blacksoul (Blacksoul Music)

"White Wipe: deep & techy... cool man."
Bernard Jones (Lost My Dog)

"White Wipe is an excellent one. I love the structure, with the
nappes and the little filtered vocal. Nice track !"
Randy Bruseto (Soulstar)

"Tolkirschen is Beast!"
Chris Udoh (Wamdue)

"White Wipe original is brilliant, as is the Fabien Kamb remix of Tollkirschen;, housey business from Da Funk as always!"
Dibby Dougherty (Global Underground, Audio Therapy)

"Original of Tollkrischen. 8/10"
Spin Science (Urbantorque, Cabrio)
"Love Da Funk and cant wait to play these tunes out. Have to go for The Smacs and Patrick Kong
Rmx of Tollkirschen as my number 1. Thanks."
Dave Hughes (Palette)

"I like the big Package for different times in the club and my radio show,Excellent variety of remixes. Hot
energy & production."
Bobi (Club FM)
"A One of a Kind, Track Affair after the Drop!"
Delmar Browne (AOL Radio)
"Tollkirschen original is nice"
Ray (Streetbeat)
"Nice Ep.Full support"
Sebastian Oscilla (Neurotraxx)
"White Wipe" is ace! Both versions of this track are great! Will play and support"
AMDJ's Radio Show (Russia)
"Quality release, will definitely be playing this. Cheers"
Danny Stott (Urban Torque, Elevation, Brown Eyed Boyz)
"Fabien Kamb is really good for me! Will also try Pete Moss remix of White Wipe"
Luis Vae (Lowpitch)
"Fabien Kamb remix 9/10"
Anderson Noise (Harthouse)

"fabien kamb, pete moss & smacs remixes are top shelf!"
Rodskeez (303 Lovers, Mango Alley)
"All tracks is cool !"
DJ Electric (Deepology, Clubstar)
"cool EP, more deep house clobber and some nice techy vibes throughout.Like the originals best."
Paul Jones (Disclosure Project, Acryl Music)

"really nice going!!!! like the vibe of it!"
Kyka (Cabrio, Deepology)

"Great !!! Amazing track i wait the remix of Pete Moss !"
Yohan Esparada (Acryl Music, Underground Collective)
"Pete Moss Remix for me !"
Mokic (Brown Eyed Boyz)
"Smacs & Patrick Cong..... nice & tracky.... more my style."
Louis Osbourne (Front Room Reordings)
"smacs & kong remix here. lovely! moss remix also cool!"
Nuno Dos Santos (Compost Black Label)
"will drop it on Friday in outdoor best venue in Dubai"
Pierre Ravan (Peppermint Jam)

"Pete Moss for ME, fantastic EP !!!"
Jack Gorton (South Africa)

"Love the Pete Moss Remix, thats the pick for me"
Matty Gillespie (Skint)

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Acrly Music@Radio 1

Acryl Music's In The Night Vol. 3 Compilation vorgestellt auf Radio 1

Freitag, 21. Mai 2010
20:00 - 0:00 Uhr
Moderator: Robert Meyer (Minus 8)
Die erste Lounge-Sendung nur für Erwachsene.
Radio 1, FM 93.6

Acryl Music Presents: In The Night Vol. 3 out now!