October 2020

Da Funk-Hold You Close out now!

Hold You Close

Da Funk-Hold You Close
P&C 2020 Acryl Music

In times of trouble and uncertainty music provides relief for the soul
and Da Funk's latest single does exactly that.

Few artists strike the balance between the classic and contemporary
quite as effortlessly as Da Funk.

Striving to produce honest and meaningful records, he once again demonstrates exceptional production capabilities on ‘Hold You Close’,
a deep, soulful and groove-filled cut destined to enchant it's listeners.

Da Funk-DFNK8 now available!

The DFNK Mixtape Series is a Mixtape* Compilation series featuring selected music from my personal record collection.

*A mixtape is a home-made compilation of music recorded in a specific order, traditionally onto a cassette tape, though later replaced by CD or MP3 playlist formats. The songs can be sequential, or by beatmatching the songs and creating overlaps and fades between the end of one song and the beginning of another the tape may become a seamless whole.

Compilations may include a selection of favorite songs, or music linked by theme or mood, perhaps tailored to the tape's intended recipient.