November 2014

Da Funk-Khugh / Mad Satin out now!

Da Funk-Khugh / Mad Satin out now!
Supported by:
Sumsuch, Nick Holder, Lonya, Ilias Katelanos, Bruno From Ibiza, Each, Juan Mejia, Artone, Al Bradley, Igor Dorohov, Russel Deeks, DJ Deeka, Di Costa, Kyka
and many more!

Release date:
2014-11-04 (Beatport)
2014-011-18 (Worldwide)

Out now!

Subsky-Strawberry Fields (Da Funk's Double Dragon Dub) Reviewed by YourEDM

As a personal hero of mine, I often look up to the masterful talents of Da Funk,
as his omnipotent knowledge of artists, styles and tracks continue to mesmerize me upon each and every single re-listen of his all inclusive sets.

He is an artist that personally inspires me to continue my work as a musical curator and his immerse productions are always at the top of the charts in terms of sheer elegance and beauty.
He is one of the few remaining artists whose main sonic direction is towards Nu Disco with singles such as Budenzauber, Soul Knights and his newest upcoming single of Mad Satin, but has also been known to innovate in other genres such as Breaks, Deep House and Progressive.

He is fascinated with the 80’s era of music and culture and his sets often include many classics and hidden gems that he effortlessly located throughout his long tenure as an artist. However, his newest remix to an old classic has brought out a newer style within him, and we are totally digging its rich and intricate texture structures.

To revitalize the all time classic of Strawberry Fields by Subsky, Da Funk has issued a ‘Double Dragon‘ dub mix to mix old and new underneath one, complete track.
The mixture of tribal rhythms and deep, yet driving basslines make this the perfect rework to spice up a set or to listen to for those moments of pure, underground bliss.
Andrew Quigley (YourEDM)

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