October 2011

Sachrias & Aslak-Strömsö (incl. Da Funk Remix) out now!

With great excitement and anticipation we present Sachrias & Aslak's Strömsö, Part II Remixes, with a whole new slew of excellent producers – Surrealism, Pablo Fierro, Adham Zahran, and Da Funk on the remixes.

We loved the original tune so much that we just had to get more interpretations of this supreme track, seeking out some of our favorite producers out there to make it happen – and it did, creating an equally interesting and diverse package of remixes.

Da Funk delivers a rock solid take on Strömsö with his Rakkaus Dub - a smooth, downlow vibe with a fat and chunky bass line in an irresistible arrangement that makes for the track's superior groove.

We hope you enjoy the Strömsö Part II Remixes as much as we enjoyed compiling this package. A big thank you goes out to all the producers involved and all our fellow DJ's and electronic music lovers around the globe.
Peace & Love y'all!

Supported by:
Dave Seaman, Omid 16B, Art Patrice, Tom Morgan, Satoshi Fumi, Lukas Greenberg, Sideburn & Redondo, Steve Mill, Evren Ulusoy, Julian Sanza, Marvin Zeyss, The Disclosure Project, Kev Obrien & Chris Luzz, Sezer Uysal, Shmuel Flash, Dave Storm and many more...

Out now!