November 2012

Ko.Bro-I Am Here (incl. Da Funk Remix) out now!

Hello world! This is another message from your favorite deep house label.
Ok, maybe not, but we can definitely be someone's favorite label, right?
Anyway, our music business was so successful, that we decided to invest all the hard earned money into restaurant business and we're opening the most disgusting venue this planet has ever known! Why would anyone do it, you may ask? Because being original and true to yourself is what counts these days.

Ok, enough of the jokes, but we were serious about being original, so our new release is truly something new to this scene - a debut! Ko.Bro - I Am Here - is an absolutely fresh deep house production from Petr Kostenko, a young man from Novorissiysk.

Not a newcomer to the music scene, Petr was into producing disco music with his bother, but these days he's on a solo mission making deep stuff as Ko.Bro, and we are happy to welcome him to our music kitchen. So please enjoy the original production and a version spiced up by Da Funk from the Acryl Music fame with Swiss quality and precision he is famous for. Bon appetite!
Sincerely yours, Deepology Digital

Ko.Bro-I Am Here (Da Funk's Soft Spoken Dub)
Supported by: J. Axel, Acos Coolkas, Elmar Schubert, Robert Owens, Matt Prehn, Juan Mejia, Javier Varez, Disclosure Project, Jesus Gonsev, Klartraum, Ibiza Sonica,
Al Bradley, Tyler Stadius, Edmund, J Kar,
AMDJ's Radio Show and many more!

Out now!

Da Funk@All I Need, Vibes Radio