July 2013

Peter Illias–Summer Vibes (Da Funk’s Sommernachtstraum Rework) Reviewed by YourEDM


Switzerland’s own Da Funk has been rapidly receiving critical acclaim throughout the year of 2013 with a wide variety of big, quality releases. But what makes this interesting is the fact that his individual musical journey does not reflect what many other producers are currently experiencing.

Instead of tired anthems and overplayed basslines, Da Funk instead resides in the murky depths of Deep House with his low-cut basslines and effortless, cool melodies.

Throughout his releases, it seems as though his ultimate goal is to showcase the beaming qualities of Deep House to a new, more adventurous generation while aesthetically pushing the boundaries on what can be considered Deep House through interesting timbral risks and experiments into musical structure.

After a breakout success of his Smug / Don’t Let Go double EP on Anjunadeep, he now turns his attention towards a highly unusual remix to Peter Illias‘s upcoming single, Summer Vibe. By taking modest cues from decades long gone and fully embracing the sensibilities of Deep House, Da Funk creates a vintage, confident cut that combines different sounds from many eras and genres of music.

It is interesting to note that he has called this particular remix the ‘Sommernachtstraum Rework‘. While the Original is a more modern sounding piece, this version gives more of a vintage feel due to the iconic piano that serves as the main hook of the entire piece.

The piano is actually the iconic E-Piano sound from the Yamaha DX-7 Pure Synthesizer, and it was a highly popular sound in many 1980′s ballads. By using such a classic sound coupled with 21st century synth sounds, it brings forth a fascinating contrast throughout the entire piece and gives it an intimate, nighttime sort of feel; (hence the phrase ‘Sommernachstraum‘ meaning ‘Summernight’s Dream‘).

Stacked piano, lush pads, cushy basskicks, and old school percussive sounds begins the start of the piece as loungy synths and subtle Progressive Trance-esque sounds add a touch of flair to the melody. These sounds are positioned so that the main focus is on the sultry female vocal timbres and intermittent saxophone.

It seems with every phrase, a different instrument pops up, keeping listeners on their toes as new sounds surround the soundscape.

This remix of Summer Vibe brilliantly gives off a classic 80′s lounge vibe while still keeping things fresh and interesting for the listener. Da Funk‘s Sommernachstraum Rework of Peter Illias‘s single, Summer Vibe, is out now on Silk Textures Records on Beatport. Head on over to Beatport to pick up this quality Deep House tune today.

Keep the music alive. -Q

Sources: https://www.facebook.com/dafunk.ch

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