September 2016

Da Funk-Only Silk 152: Deep Sessions now online!

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Da Funk Presents Deep Sessions 02 out now!

Da Funk Presents | Deep Sessions 02
Compiled & Mixed by Da Funk
Various Artists
Release Number: SILKDS02
Release Date: September 9th, 2016

Da Funk's Deep Sessions 02 features a rich ambrosia of styles, techniques and sentiments. Opening on an uplifting, contemplative note, the continuous mix seamlessly layers a variety of influences including funk, soul, ambient and progressive. The end result is a rhythmic journey that never lingers too long in a single palette of sound, but always impresses with the deft juxtaposition of tracks that all gleam in their own right.

Highlights include an LTN remix of Dezza's "Meekix," 1979's "Sail," and Marsh's "Want Me Back," all which contribute to the diverse appeal of the mix and usher listeners through one of the many instances of nostalgia, sensuality and unencumbered joy that can be found within Deep Sessions 02.