August 2010

Da Funk-Look Ahead E.P. out now!

After nearly a year long hiatus Justified Cause makes a triumphant return with a lot of positive vibes and deep sounds. They make the return to the dancefloor a man of a thousand labels, the Swiss Housemaster Da Funk. Da Funk created his own music platform, Acryl Music in 2004 and has remixed all of our House Music neighbors, cousins and their uncles, but we finally have him here in our home.

"Look Ahead" is the lead single of the EP and its title accompanied by "The Final Stage", both created with a very fresh & mellow flavor of house. We also have the debut of an artist who will soon have a strong presence in the electronic music scene and at Justified Cause. We’re talking about none other then the incomparable International Bitch, the first lady of Justified. She blesses us with a remix in the tone of old school of Chicago trax style, one of her passions.
Finally we offer the you our very own resident remixer GarcyNoise, we hope you don‘t get tired of him, but he had to come with something banging that he would have people running to ask for the name of the track when they hear it on the dance floor.

Después de casi un año de letargo justificado, por fin, Justified Cause regresa. Con muchísima energía positiva y desde luego con muy buena música, vuelve con algo muy muy fresco, con el hombre de los mil sellos. Hablamos del House Master Suizo Da Funk; que después de crear su propia plataforma, Acryl Music en 2004 y haber remezclado a todo hijo de vecino, lo tenemos por fin en nuestra casa. "Look Ahead" es el titulo del single y de uno de sus tracks, acompañado de "The Final Stage", ambos creados con un sabor house muy fresco.

También contamos con el debut de una artista que pronto tendrá mucha presencia, tanto en la escena electrónica como en Justified Cause, hablamos de International Bitch, la nueva dama justificada. Ella nos regala los oídos con un remix a la vieja escuela de Chicago, una de sus pasiones. Y como no, el incansable remixer de la casa, GarcyNoise tenia que hacer algo que se viese… un rompe-pistas!

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Tuccillo-Eclipse (Da Funk Remix) on Pacha Ibiza VIP Vol. 4 compilation

Da Funk's "Penumbral Lunar Remix" for Tuccillo's "Eclipse" has been selected for the Pacha Ibiza V.I.P. Vol. 4 compilation, alongside artists such as Dennis Ferrer, Jimpster, Nacho Marco and many more! Check it out.

Groove Department-Mai Thai (Da Funk Remix) Review

Picking up from the last review for Da Funk's Valverde remix of Stitches by Pete Moss, we once again visit another signature remix from Daniel "Da Funk" Kneubühler, this time, for Groove Department's Mai Thai.

Released under Ready Mix Records, the Da Funk's New York, New York Remix is undeniably one of Dany's breakthrough sound to the more straightforward and chic shade of deep house music. To start off, heavy kicks, echoing vocal snippets, and groovy bass-work get the job done, as the dark chord stabs bring the track to a whole new deep dimension. Moreover, this New York, New York remix caters a very body-moving piano build-up that effortlessly raises the track to its limits, leaving its listeners in great ecstatic awe.

Always a pleasure to have Da Funk here on Soundscapes, his tracks always leave us wanting for more! Support this wonderful release alongside the other records from the package!
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Groove Department-Mai Thai (incl. Da Funk Remix) out now!

Groove Department-Mai Thai
01. Mai Thai (Original Mix)
02. Mai Thai (K-Bana Remix)
03. Mai Thai (Da Funk's New York New York Remix)

Release Info:
Ready Mix Records returns like a mid-summers night dream with a deep house gem to keep you moving and grooving by Georgian upstart duo Groove Department.

Groove Department (aka DJ Bene & Timo Beridze) are no strangers to making chunky, melodic, energetic, yet sophisticated house tunes; their productions have recently appeared on labels such as Soul Shift, Dutchie, Sly City and Groove Baby (to name a few).

Mai Thai blurs the line between funky and deep with its uptempo groove, piano stabs, and heavy FX buildup to deliver a pay off that will destroy any dancefloor. A very apt introduction to the Ready Mix Roster!

Ready Mix alumni K-Bana returns to add his unique flavor to Mai Thai; inspired by his love of all that is deep, soulful and electronic; K-Bana provides us with a breezy interpretation filled with lush chords, funk driven basslines and deep sensibilities.

Acryl Music label boss Daniel Kneubühler aka Da Funk takes Mai Thai to a whole other level with a devastating remix! Da Funk is a seasoned veteran; producing for such mainstays as Plastic City, Pesto, Deepology, ZYX, Elevation, Forensic, I Records and many more!

Da Funk raises the heat level with his brand of Filtered drum programming, minor chord stabs and infectious groove that is sure to heat up dancefloors everywhere!

DJ Feedbacks:

"Maan, you're currently hot. Recent stuffs are awesome. I love this one, too."
Onur Ozman (Rebirth, Acryl Music, 2600 Records)

"Great! i like the groove.."
Pablo Fierro (I Records, Stratospherik, Dutchie)

"Nice shot, Dany - got ya track charted matey ;)"
Fabien Kamb (Low Flow, Body Rhythm, Neuro Traxx)

"Another cool one Daniel, liking this."
Tom Morgan (Discoteca Music)

"Hi Danny, Nice beatz as well ;)"
Andrés Bela (Raw Cutz Records)

"Really deep and simple love the buildup after 3 minutes will get definite support from me."
Erefaan Pearce (Undertones, Pin Up)

"nice one, pure Da Funk sound. Can't wait to get it !!"
Bruno From Ibiza (Café Del Mar, Pesto, Clubstar)

"this sounds really nice man!"
Latenta Project (Wavesurfing, Proton, Elevation)

"Nice one! Very groovy...for this hot summer!
My support..."
Alex V (Spohisticate, Justified Cause, Night Drive)

"Massive! Max Support!"
Miroko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove, Italy)

"Deep and groovy....Just as we like it"
The Messenger (Soul Industries, Plastic City)

"Hi Daniel.... yet another 320's request from me! Sorry to keep
hassling... :-)"
Russel Deeks (iDJ Magazine, This Is Why We Dance)

"great work my friend!!!"
Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio)

"thanx 4 promo tracks, Would work well on deep house floors! My support !"
Bobi (Club FM Radio)

"Wow, it´s beautiful deep Track! I like this and i play this definily in my
Clubs and Loungeset´s! This Groove is so deep and best warm up Feeling in
my Club´s!"
Van Gold Virus (Ibiza 43)

Out now exclusively on

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Pete Moss-Stitches (Da Funk's Valverde Remix) Review

Aside from being responsible for the six year old deep and tech house label, Acryl Music, Daniel Kneubühler, famously known as Da Funk, has proven himself as an indispensable figure in the scene. His celebrated sound has been characterized to be suave, deep, intoxicating, and sometimes electrifying. This time around, he takes remix duties for American producer Pete Moss and his new track, "Stitches".

The Da Funk's Valverde Remix of "Stitches" is not your ordinary deep house record. In fact, we get to hear a drift to the more atmospheric side of Dany's productions. From the dense and warm atmosphere he incorporates, to the tranquil and climactic peak heard in the track, the Valverde remix is truly a work of mastery and class.
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