Sam Graham-Continental Twist (Da Funk's Rainmaker Dub) out now!

Release Info:
The ranks of Intricate Cuts have swollen. The new recruit is a young Irishman Sam Graham, a resident at Manchester-based nightclub Drop the Mustard. As a member of Drop the Mustard team Sam travelled all over the major countries of Europe and played at numerous festivals including Hideout in Croatia and Parklife in the United Kingdom.

Sam's discography already contains some remarkable releases on labels like Crazy Rabbit, Love Not Money and Cue, in May 2014 a significant addition to it in form of the new single "Continental Twist" will be made a light and fanciful romance between a guitar and a synthesizer at the wash of the waves.

In addition to the original version comes a more "male", clockwork Rainmaker Dub as produced by Da Funk - the founder of Acryl Music label, the veteran of the Swiss electronic music scene from the city of Winterthur.

Out now!