Disclosure Project Recordings-Remixes Part 1 Review

Various Artists-Remixes Part1 | Disclosure Project Recordings

Kewl Sownd in the Da Funk remix is from that level you can't resist it's sound. The destructive base line will not miss it's purpose, adding atmosphere to a room and filling bodies with its sonic spectrum. This the kind of tracks you like to put on, as it's friendly for the ears and yet, effective for the floor. There's a nice hynotic vibe around without being mind hammering.

M-Lito & Nestora-Flying Over is quality deep house, filled with gently floating strings and little plucky synth sounds as a counter weight for the almost unnoticeable base line.

Do My-Mr. Jones 2010 remix resides in the deep house territory but has a tight rhythm and kick, suitable for those warm up sets or late,late night sets.
What I find remarkable in all Disclosure Project Recordings is the light-hearted atmosphere in their tracks, it keeps the songs fresh and leaves room for the separate sounds the tracks are build up with, to breath. And yet, the songs are complete. The secret of the good producer?


Paul Eaton-Kewl Sownd (Da Funk's Star Brigade Dub) by Da Funk