May 2014

Sam Graham-Continental Twist (Da Funk's Rainmaker Dub) out now!

Release Info:
The ranks of Intricate Cuts have swollen. The new recruit is a young Irishman Sam Graham, a resident at Manchester-based nightclub Drop the Mustard. As a member of Drop the Mustard team Sam travelled all over the major countries of Europe and played at numerous festivals including Hideout in Croatia and Parklife in the United Kingdom.

Sam's discography already contains some remarkable releases on labels like Crazy Rabbit, Love Not Money and Cue, in May 2014 a significant addition to it in form of the new single "Continental Twist" will be made a light and fanciful romance between a guitar and a synthesizer at the wash of the waves.

In addition to the original version comes a more "male", clockwork Rainmaker Dub as produced by Da Funk - the founder of Acryl Music label, the veteran of the Swiss electronic music scene from the city of Winterthur.

Out now!

Da Funk-You Got Me out now!

Release Info:
Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, please welcome our labels' yearly sampler release. Starting past spring, we present you not one but two samplers - from both our imprints, Spring Tube and Spring Tube Limited.

And this year we prepared two dozen of brand new exclusive original tracks for both Spring Tube's 5th sampler and Spring Tube Limited' 2nd sampler.
Spring Tube's 5th sampler includes fresh works by label's residents: Stephen J. Kroos, Da Funk, Luiz B, Marco Grandi, Hernan Cerbello, Anthony Mea, Telekollektiv, Electricano (feat. Diana Payton), Lea D, Marcelo Nassi (feat. Matvey Emerson), Kaspar Kochker, and Noyark.

Whereas Spring Tube Limited' 2nd sampler besides new things by our residents (Stephen J. Kroos, Hernan Cerbello, Ewan Rill, Monojoke, Reii, Jaybeetrax, and Erdi Irmak) contains also five debuts for the label's roster - Che Armstrong & Chris Johnson, Twoven & Sean Bartley, AudioStorm, Fiddler, and Easy Kid.
The releases will be out May 27 (Spring Tube Sampler 05) and May 28 (Spring Tube Limited Sampler 02) on both imprints respectively. And, as always, till the next spring expect from us the full singles with remixes on several tracks from our samplers.

Supported by:
Dave Seaman, Roger Sanchez, Nick Warren, Kenneth Thomas, Jaytech, Gai Barone, Storyteller, Herc Kass, Ad Brown, Niki Belucci, Suzy Solar, Eve Falcon, Rose & Paul, East Cafe, Fernando Ferreyra, Aeron Aether, Santerna, Tash, Distant Fragment, Marcelo Paladini, Deep Active Sound, Nicolas Agudelo, Dave Pineda, Mistol Team, Gvozdini, Suffused, Trapezform, Ethereal Mist, Jayson Butera, Max River, Nick Le Bon, Joseph Ashton, Tom Carle, Brian Chapin, Mark Mac, Bram, Saidin, Bee, DLS, and others.

Out now!

Lunarbeam Feat. Marija Trapkiewicz-Panic (Da Funk's Grippin' Strength Remix) out now!

Lunarbeam Feat. Marija Trapkiewicz - Panic (IML061)
Genre: House, Progressive, Electronica
Release Date: May 18th, 2014
Label: Incepto Music

We at Incepto Music couldn't be more ecstatic to present this next release, as it showcases some amazing work from some top names in the industry today.
This remarkable release stems from Incepto core artist Lunarbeam, who returns once more with another astonishing production, this time teamed up with the likes of female vocalist Marija Trapkiewicz, who brings some truly mesmerizing vocals to the table that really set the tone for this track.

On top of the incredible work these two did with the original, we are pleased to see the amazing Da Funk making his return to the label with a solid remix for this release, as well as legendary progressive duo Blood Groove & Kikis who also turn the heat up on this release with a heart pounding remix.
If that isn't enough, we also have the dynamic duo Deepshader & Nazca making their return as well, who give this track yet another incredible remix for the collection and help to seal this release perfectly.

Out now!

Da Funk-While We Were Dreaming out now!

Out now!