Silk Textures 05, Compiled & Mixed by Da Funk out now!

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Silk Textures 05 | Compiled & Mixed by Da Funk
Various Artists
Release Number: SILKTXC05
Release Date: July 7th, 2015

Silk Textures is thrilled to release its fifth album, "Silk Textures 05," mixed and compiled by Da Funk, the sensational Swiss producer and DJ.
Da Funk not only has been an active musician for nearly two decades, but he is also the founder of the acclaimed Acryl Music label.

It is our great honor to announce that Da Funk is the leading ambassador of our imprint, having recently embraced the role of "Silk Textures" radio show host. A long-standing show on Proton Radio, "Silk Textures" recently reached #1 on the San Francisco-based, underground dance music station.

Da Funk's continuous mix includes 15 deep, groovy, and lush cuts: from Dousk's deep-diving remix of Kyo Koichii's "Spit On You" to Sure-I-Can's outer-worldly "Sin" and Da Funk's own funky "King Filth."
Previous Silk fan favorites on the album include Claes Rosen's jazzy, yet soothing "Glancing," as well as Bodytemp's provocative "Kalm."

Several of the album tracks are previously unreleased.
Specifically, Irish newcomer Jay FM treats us to the tranquil "Waterfall," a sensual deep-progressive journey that works especially well as a soulful opener in a live set.

Legendary Silk veteran Kobana offers a new remix of Sean Mackey's "Aviary," which proves to be a vintage, uptempo deep house cut.
Last but not least, another label veteran, Denis Laurent, contributes his distinctive brand of chilled, late-night progressive house yet again on "Osennee."

This compilation offers Da Funk's fans a glimpse of his acclaimed DJ style: fluid, compositional, and soothing, yet powerfully emotive.
Silk Music cordially invites you to kick back and relax to the sensual and soulful vibes of Da Funk, as well as numerous other core artists on Silk Textures.