Da Funk-Fade / Love Trap out now!

Da Funk-Fade / Love Trap out now!
Da Funk has been the leader of our deeper-flavored Silk Textures division for a year now, so it's especially exciting to present a brand new 2-track EP by the acclaimed Swiss talent. The release kicks off with "Fade," an up-tempo affair, featuring a vintage deep house rhythm and overall soul-enriching retro aura.

The smooth and sexy "Love Trap," which centers on a funky groove, punctuated by a provocative vocal sample, rounds out the release. As the song progresses, various layers add to the rich, jazzy soundscape.
Da Funk proves once again that he is exceedingly adept at infecting the dancefloor with feel-good vibes.

Release date:
2015-04-14 (Worldwide)

Out now!