Da Funk-Beyond The Arc out now!

beyond the arc

It’s Summer Special Time!

For the second release of Acryl Music's Summer Special series, the label boss has locked himself up in the studio again. The result: two soul-drenched tracks that flirt with old skool hip hop, r&b, disco and balearic.

So many people have asked about where to buy "Beyond The Arc", a track Da Funk produced and uploaded to Soundcloud last autumn where it caused quite a stir, but since it was unreleased, there was no chance to get a hold on it until now!

We at Acryl Music decided: this tune has to be released! And with the summer months in full swing, the idea to release it as the follow up to his last year's "summer special" was born.

We're happy to announce that "Beyond The Arc" is finally available with a bonus track named "Leftcoast" on the Flipside (Flipside on a digital release? ;))... anyways, here it is, Acryl Music's Summer Special 02 - You gotta have it!

It’s Summer Special Time!

Zum zweiten Release der „Acryl Music Summer Special“-Serie hat sich Labelchef Da Funk gleich selber ins Studio eingeschlossen. Entstanden sind zwei soul-durchtränkte Nu Soul-Tracks die mit Disco und Balearic flirten.

Titeltrack „Beyond The Arc“ groovt leicht schleppend zur dominierenden Snare-Drum und hypnotischer Bassline während rundherum Synth’s über verhallte Flächen blubbern.

„Leftcoast“ gleitet sanft schunkelnd auf einer analogen Bassline und trockenen Drums.
Stolpernde Piano-Akkorde und eine liebliche Synthie-Melodie schliessen den Bogen.

Acryl Music Summer Special 02 - It’s A Special Thing.

Release Date:
16.08.2013 (Beatport)
23.08.2013 (Worldwide)
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Supported by:
Nick Warren, Luna City Express, Alvaro Hylander, Ocean Gaya, Will Sumsuch, Shlomi Biton, Russel Deeks, René Goldmann, Richie Hartness, Di Costa, Bamo, Electric, Andy Bach, Erwin Kelemen, Mike Fossati, Bülent Asci, John P., Ramon Castells, Dan Noel, Nosak and many more!

Out now!