August 2007

Da Funk-Catch The Wave E.P. out now!

For Acryl's 20th release we have Da Funk right back from the island, fully inspired and with 2 brandnew summer bumpers in his luggage ready to drop for Acryl's Ibiza '07 series!

"Catch The Wave" feautures beautiful deep chords, crunchy drums, synthlines full of loveand an analogue bassline to rumble your stomach! Pure Bliss!
"Her Digits" will float you away due to hi-hat's flirting with bassdrums as stabs and chords swirling all around to deliver a smile on your face while you're nodding your head!

Promo Reactions:

"very nice. "Catch The Wave" is my fav. will play."
Henri Kohn (Clubstar, Conya)

"once again you've done 2 killer tracks...ganz geil!"
C&M Productions (Forensic, Neat Music, Purple Tracks)

"Catch The Wave" mix nice and groovy. nice tech feel. a must play.deeep"
DJ Stax (Abicah Soul Music, Moods & Grooves, Large)

"this is a delicious deep e.p. both tracks have a great groove. i love "Catch The Wave"... this is more space and hypnotic. this track takes you, loads you, softly... great trip. my congrats!" big up from Brazil!"
Fernando Ribeiro (Lique Club, Brazil)

"thanks for the tracks.. really enjoying both and will definetly be playing them out this weekend! my kinda house for sure.. deep, funky and atmospheric! proper!"
Ric McClelland (Urbantorque, Forensic, Escada)

"thanks very much for sending me this. both tracks are nice but "Catch The Wave" is the one i'll play - nice melodic bumpin house music, very usable."
Harold Heath (Urbantorque, Oblong, Lost My Dog)

"nice project, very elegant. thank you"
Francesco Farfa (Ibiza Sonica, Pacha, Space)

"Her Digits" fit right in with the types of venues i'm currently playing, and love the toughness of "Catch The Wave". these are outstanding house tracks... it's hard to even pick a favorite mix
DJ Inc (Proton Radio, Soco Audio)

"top early night funky vibes!"
Nikola Gala (Escada, Urbantorque, Plastic City)

"phat! best Acryl release so far... time for vinyl, right? ;)"
Manuel Tur (Freerange, Drumpoet, Conya)

"i'll chart "Catch The Wave"'s really nice!"
Dave Storm (Ceremony Records, Subliminal Soul, Cabrio)

"full support from me really. fantastic grooves here, staight to the cd case. especialy "Her Digits", love that groove...solid!"
BP Zulauf (Helvetic Records, Bellarine, Adjust)

"dude you rock. proper house music as it should be. awesome deep house tracks from Da Funk! many thanks for the promo and the best of luck with the release."
Mark Garey (Aesoteric Records)

"great release! trip house and deepness sounds...
Garcy Noise (Justified Cause, House Café Music)

"i already mixed your "Dig Dis" track on my "Deep Hangout", very nice reaction. and this new promo is awesome electro-soul ;) - will be on some of the new mixes... just to let you know that music is very very cool, and thanks for promos."
DJ Dacha (Deeplink NYC)

"i'm a big fan of Da Funk's music for a long time now. these tracks are absolute deepness! very special is "Catch The Wave" with great bassline, pads and good old house drum groove which is already in our Tallinn Express radioshow. floor reaction will be definetly DA BOMB :) cheers
DJ Meri/Rulers of the Deep (NRK, Defected, Urbantorque)

"thanks for the promo, "Catch The Wave" is the one for me, nice deep hypnotic vibes on that one, will be playing and supporting."
Leigh Morgan (Urbantorque)

"great tune, congratulations"
Joan Ribas (Ibiza Global Radio, Ibiza Soulstice)

"Catch The Wave" - nice deep summery house, can definitely sense the balearic influences!" "Her Digits" - again, nice deep grooves as usual. will be nice to bring this one in and out of the mix over other things"
Pete Morgan (Lost My Dog, Bosh)

"beautiful tracks! deep and groovin', love the keys! will put into rotation"
Samuel Lawrence (Mimosa Recordings, Ping Pong)

Additional Chart & Play support by:
Aftershock Radio (DJ Ferdinand)
Ibiza Sonica (Karlos Sense)
Ibiza Global Radio (Joan Ribas)
Proton Radio (DJ Inc)
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Da Funk@One Starry Night Video

Check out this video: Da Funk Live@Nachtigall Zurich

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Da Funk-Sweet Kiss has been licensed to the El Hotel Pacha compilation

Da Funk's Sweet Kiss (Acryl Music 017) has been licensed for Pacha's
El Hotel Pacha compilation alongside artists such as
Kerri Chandler, Miguel Migs, Chuck Love and many more.
Get yourself a copy!