January 2009

Da Funk-Goose E.P. out now!

Most clued-up deep house/tech DJ's have at least one 'Da Funk' track in their box/wallet/hard drive!
Here is another to add to the collection...Da Funk returns with two great new tracks for Cabrio, "Goose" and "Make It Last", we're sure it will!

Promo Reactions:

"These are really good. 'Goose' is my favourite though.
Solid dancefloor business right here."
Adam Jace (Plastic City, Thug, Elevation)

"Am loving 'Goose', a bit of a tougher vibe for you, really strong!"
Al Bradley (3 A.M. Recordings)

"I'm preferring 'Make It Last'. Thanks for the promo"
Oz (United Colors Of House, UK)

"Both tracks are very good, Make It Last is more my thing the deeper housey groove does it for me,
although i do like Goose its very driving and tough, will play them both for defo mate."
Agent Matteo (Next Dimension, Acryl Music, Elevation)

"Nice stuff mate!"
BP Zulauf (Helvetica Recordingz, Shove, Dirty Basics)

"All tracks are very good to play. My favourite is "Make It Last".
Remind me Scope productions on Urbantorque. Support, in the box !"
DJ Electric (Deepology, Luckystars, Clubstar)

"Make it last, tunageee!!! Will be playin' it on mys show tonight!!!
Thanks a lot for a great work!!
Amir (Monday Deep Session, Push FM Radio)

"i like both tracks. especially Goose, it starts with a hard kick and an paranoid electro bass,
after about the 2nd minute it goes to a melancholic story"
Lou Lamar (Zürich By House, 4 Records)

"make it last is wicked Dany.....will def give this a play...thanks"
Mark Lowry (Dutchie, Forensic, Urbantorque)

"Nice release. big thx. My pick here is make it last. Music for sunshine, drinks, pools. i love it.
Da funk did it again! Im ready for the summer."
Andre Kronert (Session Deluxe, 616 Detroit, Neurotron, Ostwind Records, Night Drive Music, Parquet)

"thanks but a bit too che- ..er.. pop for my taste :)
good production though!"
Jussi Pekka (Frozen Syndicate, Dessous)

"nice work, I like `Make it last` , because it sounds deeper:-) Will play it for sure in my gig"
Vincent Inc. (Manuscript Records)

"Make It Last" - This was my favourite out of the 2... really like the synth stabs to this.... top work mate..... 8/10"
Mr. Cenzo (MidiDropMusic)

"make it last" i is the one for me ,,,more quality from da funk!"
Juan Mejia (Duchie Music, Grouper)

"This is an excellent release! Both tracks are kickin the place but i prefer a little bit more "make it last" cause i love that chords and bassline!
Nestora (Acryl Music, Disclosure Project, Support House)

"I'm liking 'Make It Last' very much :) Nice one :)"
Vic (Budai & Vic, Plastic City, I Love Deep)

"good sound broÖ. my fav is make it last"
Joan Ribas (Ibiza Global Radio)

"Groovy and solid - that's what comes to mind to value "Goose" EP.
Dany "Da Funk" is ready to rock the dance floors with this cuts!
Our pick is - Make It Last - just the right thing to spin during our gigs."
Mad & Spectral / Salt Sweet (Carica Deep, Acryl Music, Deepology)

"goose for me! nice one."
Henri Kohn (Clubstar, Conya, Little Angel)

"Das Release gefällt mir sehr gut. Werde es auf jeden Fall supporten;)"
Terry Lee Brown Jr. (Plastic City, Mole Listening Pearls, Elektrolux)

"erst mal vielen Dank fuer die tracks. "make it last" ist einfach epic. sehr guter start ins Jahr!
"Goose" ist auch cool uebrigens. mach weiter so."
Chris Niteshake (Pesto, Plastic City, Escada)

"Loving "Make it Last" , my favourite thing you've done for a while. Good work Amigo!"
Bamo (Spiritchaser, Duff Note, Guess)

"Dany is starting the year in fine form with this release. 'Goose' starts off aggressively with some chunky synth bass but before long the track heads in an emotive direction thanks to some great chords.
"Make It last" is less moody and a little lighter on it's feet, building up into a good bouncy groove with a melodic twist.
I like both of these a lot, will definitely be supporting them."
Ross Couch (Body Rhythm, Seamless, One Thirty)

"Many thanks for sending me this ep!
My fav is "Make It Last". Dany, you did it again! This tune is so melodic... Hypnotic... Rhythmic...Can't stop to listen to it...
Will play it a lot. Full support from amdjs"
Lena (AMDJS Radio Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

"The track GOOSE is really good ! support ! Big basse, deep pads, i love this one"
Pedro Cali (Elevation)

now available on beatport.com