October 2007

Da Funk Interview@Power Hit Radio

Interview for Nevesomost Radio, Russia (Archive, 2007)
Please tell me a bit about yourself and your career as a musician and producer.
Hi there, i’m Da Funk from Switzerland. I’m a musician and producer and have worked for labels such as Plastic City, Forensic Records, Justified Cause, Pesto and many others. I‘m also the owner and founder of Acryl Music, the label.

Your songs have great melodies. where do you get your inspiration from?
Almost anything what’s around me that i really like. For example travelling: i was in Venezia this past weekend. A very beautiful city by the way and it’s really impressive how much inspiration i can reward from such a trip. But as said, there are so many things i get my inspirations from. It’s the sum of it all i guess.

Can you describe the process of making music?
There isn’t one particular process. Sometimes i do start with drums and on another session you’ll find me playin’ with chords and synth’s first. It depends on what i’m up to at the moment.

Which style of music do you prefer to listen to?
I really do listen to all kinds of music as long as it has some sort of deepness to it. People tend to say i’m a passionate hater of chart oriented music…maybe they’re right.

As I know you've got your label "Acryl Music", tell me something about it.
I've founded Acryl Music basically cause i was tired of sending around demos and wasn’t able to release what i really wanted to. Also a big aspect was that i always wanted to achieve the complete freedom of expression and it’s extremely difficult to find a label who gives you that.

Do you perform in clubs?
Not that much, im super busy with all the studio works currently and therefore pretty happy to have off weekends.

Tell me about your best gig.
There isn’t a best one. Every gig is an experience, no matter if it was good or bad.
Some of them you remember better, because the place went nuts, but i wouldn’t think about one best gig.

What about your future plans?
That’s an easy one: i want to write music till the rest of my life basically

2007, Nevesomost Radio Show
Interviewer: Anton Pivovarov

Da Funk@One Starry Night

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Da Funk Interview & Mix On musicforever.org

Interview for Music Forever, Hungary (Archive, 2007)
A very down to earth guy from Switzerland who's always in good mood! Yes, thats Da Funk!

He is a typical music junkie, a man far from being troubled and worried, something that you can easily find out from the interview. Of course when you are doing what you really love not because of financial reasons but for the sake of fullfilling your lifelong passion then you have the opportunity to diffuse something very positive.

Well, Da Funk does take that opportunity but let's get started! Check it out for yourselves from the interview!

First of all, we would like to congratulate for your new E.P., The Throwdown, that’s just came out at Plastic City. What could you tell us about it?
Thank you. It’s the second e.p. i’ve done for plastic city and it came along real quick. I had a great flow while working on it. You’ll find lot’s of percussion in all 3 tracks due to the fact that im totally into classic percussive sounds like claves, shakers, and the likes. To sum it all up: if you’re into deep, techy house music with an electronic feel, don’t sleep on this one. I have dedicated „What You Are To Me" to the most important person in my life. That’s why this E.P. means a lot to me.

Ok, let’s talk about the beginning. You started to Djing at illegal parties if I’m right. That sounds good, I like that kind of parties. How did it happen? When did you start this whole thing?
In my teenage years we used to hang out at local record stores picking up flyers, checked and bought new hot 12"s and sharing self mixed tapes among each other. One day a guy from a store who was organizing rave’s and parties asked me if i’d like to spin at one of his mostly illegal parties. He loved my mixtape and so i ended up with spinnin in front of 300 crazy peoples at the age of 16 all night long.
I remember the bouncers who won’t let me in because i was underage and i had to show them my record box and prove to them that i was a booked dj that night. It was a unforgettable and fantastic experience.

How did you get your first bigger invitation to play in a club in Zürich after this?
After that particular party just mentioned before, i became a resident dj for that guy’s party organisation and so i toured throughout switzerland including zürich.

When did you decide to start producing your own music?
I grew up in a very musical family, so the need to make my own music was already given. I always wondered how my favorite records where made and my dream was at one point to make such records myself. I saved money for a synthesizer, a sampler and some effect units to spent months with learning how to write down tracks.

In 2004 you built your own label, Acryl Music. What motivated you in it? I’ve started Acryl Music because i was tired of sending around demos just for the fact that most of the time you don’t hear anything back from them or they tell you to change anything. I always used music to express myself and i never wrote music with a specific formula just to sell more units.

This summer many of your tracks have been selected for different compilation albums, for example The Plastic City Play Compilation, Clubstar Family Ibiza Session or the House Vibes Ibiza Compilation. How can you summarize the season?
This year was fantastic so far and it’s not over yet (watch ouf for The Timewriter’s Deep Train 5 CD or Café Del Mar’s Chillhouse 5 compilation besdie a few others).
I had so many selections on so many fantastic cd’s. I’m really excited and it feels great to take credit for the hard work.

Let’s talk about Ibiza. How did you get there?
You must have been there to believe it. The vibe on the island is just great and i always love the mix of highclass nightlife, beautiful beaches, fine food and people from all over the world and since i have massive support from radio staions and dj’s from ibiza it’s great to meet the people you just communicate with throughout the year.

Are you more a producer or more a DJ?
I’m definitly more the producer kind of guy. Rockin’a floor in a sweaty hot club sounds enticing but i also need to hang out in my studiochair, headphones on and a coffee mug nearby. In my opinion spinning records is for fun, writing tracks is to use up.

What’s your next project? Any new releases at Acryl Music?
Upcoming stuff are E.P.’s on Shove Music, Traxx, Conya and remixes for Connected Musik, Cabrio Records, and Funkfield besides a few other’s, i can’t tell you more about it at the current state. On Acryl Music there will be the "Catch The Wave" remixed e.p. with remixes by some well known artists and the first Acryl compilation mixed by myself called „In The Night Vol.1". Don’t miss it, it’s hawt!

What are your future plans?
I wan’t to be featured in MTV’s cribs... no seriously,
i’d love to experience acryl’s100th release and keep up writing lots of music.

2007, Music Forver
Interviewer: Ritta

Acryl Music presents: In The Night Vol. 1 mixed & compiled by Da Funk

Right in time with the 20th release, Acryl Music comes up with it's first compilation.
Da Funk compiled and mixed the very best tunes, wich established Acryl Music in the market.
"In The Night Vol.1" takes you on a journey into the deep, driving side of house music, fully loaded with melodies, harmonies and hip shaking grooves.

1) Da Funk-Sugarman
2) Da Funk-Confusion (C&M Productions Mix)
3) Da Funk-Everything Changes
4) Da Funk-Her Digits
5) Da Funk-Heat
6) Da Funk-Catch The Wave
7) Da Funk-Back Yard
8) Da Funk-Strict Rulin'
9) Da Funk-Devotion (Replika's Up To End)
10) Da Funk-Devotion
11) Da Funk-Dig Dis

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Da Funk-The Throwdown E.P. on Plastic City

Da Funk's 2nd EP on Plastic City now available!
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