December 2009

Solar Sides Feat. DJ Pippi-Searching For The Light (incl. Da Funk Remix) out now!

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Solar Sides Feat. DJ Pippi-Searching For The Light
Modern Electrics 003

01. Searching For The Light (Original)
02. Profile 69 (Original)
03. Searching For The Light (Al Velilla Remix)
04. Profile 69 (Shur-I-Kan Remix)
05. Searching For The Light (Nacho Marco Remix)
06. Profile 69 (Garcynoise Remix)
07. Searching For The Light (Da Funk's Candela Dub)

You'll all agree with me that Ibiza is not the same anymore. Many people are afraid to speak about it due to the billion dollar business behind the concept but the reality is that the musical scene and the hedonistic vibe on the island has suffered a lot during the past decade.

It used to be a very special place full of incredible educated stylish funky people but it has become a home for the easy money, commercial parties for people more interested in drugs, tits & asses that in the music and hordes of "wannabe" dj's and producers who play/perform for almost nothing in order to enjoy the dubious privilege of associating their names with "Ibiza".

Looks like a horrible scenario right?
Well, in the other hand, there is still a parallel ibiza, a small group of people who have had and continue experiencing a different musical story and who enjoy their lives hiding from the british tourists and swimming naked in secret turquoise crystal water "calas" in Ibiza or Formentera. A different Ibiza, a redoubt for all these professionals and music lovers who work day by day to add something, not to copy, to collaborate not to segregate, to educate, not to self promote.

A group of "underground music soldiers" more interested in playing/producing high end music than in appearing in the front cover of the dj magazine with a cheesy haircut wearing those horrible gucci sunglasses saying some shit like "my tour in indonesia and brazil went very well." (Bloody hell!!!!)

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Fruitroom & Florito-All This Time (incl. Da Funk Remix) out now!

DJ Feedbacks (Da Funk's Estrella Dub):

"Da Funk Estrella Dub, nice"
Pan-Pot (Mobilee Records, Some)

"really like All This Time // Da Funk Estrella Dub Mix 8/10"
The Advent (Kombination Research, World Wide)

"Lovely, emotional, intelligent work on that one !
Warm regards from across the border"
Ocean Gaya (Plastic City, Love Zone)

"dig the breaky original,
and Da Funk's deep brooding effort builds to a synthy late night peak...
would def. play those!"
DJ Inc. (, Proton Radio)

"Yooooooooooooo Da Funk !!!
Your remix is dope !! F* Deep house !!! Love it man."
Edground (Brazilian Soul Crew, Grooveland)

"Please send a promo of the Estrella Dub -
and we'll include it on our Low Flow Sessions."
Fabien Kamb (Low Flow, Body Rhythm, Neurotraxx)

"Great Release , all track very cool,but Da funk
estrella dub which works it for me, My support on that."
Bobi (Club FM)

"As usual Da Funk know's how to tune the track.
this and the original instrumental mixes sounds great. Very nice !"
Ricky Inch (Deepology, Cabrio)

"great sounds! love them...Da Funk Estrella Dub Mix for me."
Frank Sonic (Techno League Records, Partysan NRW, Butan Club Wuppertal)

"All This Time // Da Funk Estrella Dub Mix: nice chilled vibes on this one...."
Wehbba (82 Recordings, Tronic, BluFin)

"the club mix is good retro flavoured track, but a little too cheesy for me...
the instrumental is great and will be played.
the da funk is a perfect deep house interpration!great retreatment!"
Homebase (Criminal Records, Was Kids Records, Guidance)

"the da funk mix grooves hot , 1st class quality music"
DJ Taucher (Jetlag Digital)

"nice ep man! like your mix but original is great too"
Eelke Kleijn (Proton Radio, Outside The Box)

"nice Release!"
Oscar (KarateKlub, Superfancy, Lordag)

"really nice dub mix.... thx!"
Mandy Jordan (Vekton Musik, Vee Recordings)

"Da Funk Estrella Dub : Funky fluffy... very nice track!"
DJ Wakko (Denfis, Metrosexx, Prinzzclub)

"Da Funk Estrella Dub Mix is the star player of this package"
Liz Cirelli (Word & Rhythm Magazine)

"Da Funk Estrella Dub, airplay in altroverso"
DJ Misk (AltroVerso)

"The original it's Nice...maybe a little bit comercial.
I don¥t like the club progressive for my personal taste.
BUT...the Da Funk rmx is the best track...superb,pure tech-house undreground."
Alex V (Sophisticate Recordings)

"Hey, Yes liking the Da Funk mix....... Cool vibe."
Bamo (Spiritchaser, Duff Note, Guess)

"Thanks for the heads up on this one...
to be honest i did not like the 2 other mixes
but the Da Funk Dub is class as alway....Good work.."
Cenzo Scoglio (MidiDropMusic, Loudeast, Glideslope)

"also Da Funk's Stern Dub ist eindeutig der Beste Mix
gruss vom westen"
Lou Lamar (Ibiza Global Radio)

"a nice and very Da Funkish steppin deep groove and
I love those vintage sounds in the breakdown"
Bios (Loud Society, Acryl Music)

"also der "Estrella Dub" Mix ist meiner Meinung nach der beste Mix. Er
passt sich wieder in die von Euch gewohnten bisherigen Promo's ein, welche
ich bei mir generell im Deephousebereich sehr gut einsetzen kann! Schaffen
immer eine gute Eingangsatmosphäre für meine Clubber und somit einen
musikalischen Deepgenuss zum Beginn einer jeweiligen Clubnacht!"
Van Gold Virus (Ibiza 43)

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