September 2009

Da Funk-Caffeine out now!

Dutchie ends the summer of 2009 with a groovy stomper by switzerland's Da Funk. On the remixes we got Satoshi Fumi from Japan and Art Patrice from Croatia. All great cuts to keep you happy as we get to the final phase of 2009.

Promo Reactions:

"Hi Danny, nice stuff. Thank you :)"
James Zabiela (Renaissance, Bedrock, Global Underground)

"Sounding good!"
Shur-I-Kan (Freerange, Dark Energy, Om Records)

"nice one again..MERCI"
Laurent Garnier (F-Communications, Innervision)

"danke dir für die promo. caffeine mag ich sehr! ,vor allen dingen die vocals sind sehr schön"
Norman Weber (Luna City Express, Moon Harbour)

"bloody good release mate! I really like this :)"
Meri (Rulers Of The Deep, Defected, Peppermint Jam)

"nice nice deep groover from Da Funk, like the slow build and subtle vocal samples"
Harold Heath (Urban Torque, Plastic City, Elevation)

"Thanks, Original Mix and Satoshi Fumi mixes are top notch... full Spiritchaser support!"
Richard Earnshaw (Spiritchaser, Duff Note, Guess)

"Nice one again! SF remix it a real nice remix of a strong original!"
Sebastian Davidson (Night Drive, Seamless, Conya)

"Good stuff you have recorded for Dutchie - groovy and tight!
Art Patrice remix for me from the pack )"
Fabien Kamb (Low Flow Records, Acryl Music, Body Rhythm)

"hi! thanks original is my favourite."
Vincent Inc. (Manuscript Recordings)

"A good..good release I will say!! My favourites are the original and then
Art Patrice rmx...all them spread a lot of caffeine...pure energy tracks.
Full support.."
Alex V (Sophisticate Recordings, Extremely House Music)

"this is for sure a huge stomper, mr Da Funk, you really smashed it this time, big time tune!! Love it a lot"
Amir Groove (Ibiza Sonica, Push FM)

"Thank you so much for this promo.
Amazing original one!!! Beautiful vocal with hypnotic music...
Outstanding... Will play and support"!
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show)

"My favourite is the original amigo. Welldone!!!"
Ernesto Altes (Sendos Fuera, Extremely House Music, S'hort)

"Thanks for this Dany, the 2nd great track from you this week! Both mixes hit the spot aswell....."
Bamo (Spiritchaser, Guess, Duff Note)

"Really ace release,An awesome track just the right groove,Hard to say which mix is the best as all are very good,
nice funky bassline that works for Clubs and Radio ...."
Bobi (Club FM Radio)

"Hey there, really great package here! Original is really strong, but the remixes from Satoshi Fumi and Art Patrice are excellent! support on the whole ep! :)"
Latenta Project (Proton, Witty Tunes, Plastic City)

"thanks for sending, all nice mixes - the original mix is my fav :)"
Atomm (Funk La Planet)

"thanks for the atmosphere in the original mix. best"
Karol XVII & MB Valence (Loco Records)

"Great the subtle voice , all versions for me,
miss the acapella :-)"
Lou Lamar (Ibiza Global Radio, Zurich By House)

"Thanks for the release! Liking the creepy vibe of the Satoshi Fumi Remix! Nice Building Vibes"
Jevne (One Thirty)

"A really funky deep stuff with the trademark beats! We'll support Art Patrice remix, thanks!"
Salt Sweet (Acryl Music, Low Flow)

"Solid remixes but I'll stick with the originals hypnotic groove as my favourite here. Best of luck with the release!"
Ross Couch (Body Rhythm, One Thirty, Blakkat)

"Very nice package, Art Patrice Mix is ripping up my dance floors and radio shows. Deep, Driving with great keys & chords – Congratulations.
I’m also gonna review this for the magazine for October."
Craig Stewart (Raunchy Rhythms Radio, I-DJ Mag)

"ok, now this is what i am talking about! really diggin the original... just the right amount of swing and energy to work the dance floor. thanx man!"
Kenny Gino (Mindinfluence Music, Solid Gold Playaz)

"Very pure & impactful original mix release and great remixes too !!"
Ocean Gaya (Plastic City)

"that’s right up my street or better....its the caffeine in my coffee...well done"
Andre Kronert (Night Drive Music, Ostwind, Neurotron)

"On the first impression not much - seems bit too empty - so i have to wait until the end - afterwards il go thru 2..3 times again and i start to catch the feeling, so i like it more and more - most probably is kind a track, what will stay longer into playlfolder as thats the way it is with the tunes, which i start to like bit by bit :) On the end have to say - great track , nice chill vibe , deep."
Ricky Inch (Deepology, Cabrio)

"Cool track my friend!!! Full support"
Jesus Gonsev (Troubled Kids, House Café, Elevation)

"Cheers for the promo!! Awesome sounds!! Really nice and deep. Loving it. Will go straight into my mix this month! :)"
K-Bana (Guess, Ready Mix Records, Duff Note)

"Thanks for this! It´s great! Nice Weekend from René"
Van Gold Virus (Ibiza 43 Radio)

"Another great club tune from my man Dany! Diggin' all cuts, especially would like to highlight the Art Patrice remix. Full support!"
Ashot (Mad & Spectral, Low Flow, Acryl Music)

"Love the original of this one and also the remix coming from Mr Fumi.... Solid!! 8/10"
Mr. Cenzo (MidiDropMusic, Guess, Loudeast)

"like the original and the satoshi remix, awesome... excellent sound, will play!"
Andy Bach (Young Society, Zaubermilch)

"Just a quick up for this, again you've pulled out the stops & worked your trusted magic! This is fantastic, just that bit deeper & edgy, fantastic again."
Al Bradley (3 A.M. Recordings, Audiotonic)

""caffeine is a nice synthetic plodder, nice and minimal and atmospheric.
will play"
Paul Jones (Disclosure Project, Jp & Jones, Pesto)

Out now on

Daniel Kyo-Synecdoque (incl. Da Funk Remix) out now!

Daniel Kyo-Synecdoque
01. Synecdoque (Original Mix)
02. Synecdoque (Da Funk's Wayfarer Remix)
03. Synecdoque (Edwin & Ferdy's Remix)
04. Synecdoque (K-Bana's Remix)

Release Info:
The summer keeps heating up, and Ready Mix Records just keeps getting cooler. Sit back and feel the groove as we present our 33rd release, “Synecdoque”.

Listening to Synecdoque, you can almost see the sun setting, warm and distant. A choreography of syncopated bass, dancing synth lines and a touch of spicy percussion set the tone.
Alluring stabs, purring pads and a jazzy, nostalgic piano interlude carry you like the memory of a distant time and place.

The first remix by Switzerland’s Da Funk, begins with a twist of electro-tech-dashed bleeps, while remaining true to the sophisticated flavor of the original.
Layers of multidimensional harmonies weave together, bringing to the conscious mind countless emotions, always supported by a bouncing bassline.

Uber sensual from the first beat, the 2nd remix by Dutch duo Edwin & Ferdy, is practically oozing.
Evocative, spiritual, vocal fragments whisper in your ear. As the track progresses, muted countermelodies settle in your soul.

Deep and funky UK’s K-Bana joins Ready Mix again for the 3rd remix. This version is the most driving of the bunch. As the track begins, a metallic, teasing polyrhythm instantly engages you.
A commanding afro-latin clave pattern, freshly translated on synth, lays a steady foundation from start to finish. This remix jump starts the movement and keeps you energized to the end.

House heads and electronic music lovers will not be disappointed.

Promo Reactions:
"Many thanks for the promo!!! Great release!! The original and Da Funks Mixes will work for me. I will play the tracks next weekend!!"
C&M Productions (True House, Acryl Music, Dutchie)

"All 4 mixes are real cool on this package but the pick for us is the original...full support on all 4 though..... 8/10."
MidiDropMusic (Guess, Loudeast, Acryl Music)

"Excellent! Man what a record!! Thanks :)"
Pete Moss (Dessous, Dutchie)

"All mixes are playable, feeling the Da Funk as my personal pick of the bunch. In the Spiritchaser wallet."
Richard Earnshaw (Spiritchaser, Duff Note, Guess)

"My favourite thing from Daniel in a while, and a really good and diverse set of mixes."
Bamo (Spiritchaser, Duff Note, Guess)

"Cheers for the promo. Really like what you've had coming through recently!!"
Dom Kane (Ascension, Kismet)

"Da Funk & K-bana mixes rock! full support."
DJ Electric (Deepology, Luckystars, Clubstar)

"Fabulous release…Nice deep tech house vibes.
All cuts are great but my favourites are K-bana’s remix and Da Funk. Thanks for sending...
Keep that good work going on!"
Alex V. (Label Manager, Sophisticate Records)

"Again nice package!"
Francesco Pico (Outside The Box, Armada)

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