May 2012

Onur Ozman-He Was Young (incl. Da Funk Remix) out now!

Onur Ozman-He Was Young (Da Funk's Young At Heart Remix)
is out now and available exclusively at Beatport.

Supported by Nick Warren, Funk D'Void, Wagon Cookin', Q-Burns Abstract Message, Slam, Lukas Greenberg, C&M Productions, Giom, Sezer Uysal, Tyler Stadius,
Omid 16B, Kasey Voorn, Spiritchaser, Addex, Seraphine, El Mundo & Satori,
Alvaro Hylander, Kirby, Kyka, Krummstoff, Moti Brothers, Highland Brothers Inc., Satoshi Fumi, Deep Spelle, Edmund, Lonya, Sideburn, Sendos Fuera,
Deep Active Sound, TunnelFM and many many more...

Out now!

Da Funk-Kasama on Milestone Two

Highway Records-Milestone Two, compiled and mixed by Mike Spirit and Spieltape, is a selection of the best tracks and remixes, recently released on Highway Records. This massive compilation includes production by such worldwide-known artists as Siopis, Hermanez, Pascal FEOS, Solee, Karol XVII & MB Valence, Den Ishu, Da Funk and many more. Milestone Two is also available as continuous DJ mix.