March 2009

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Da Funk | Deep Love Podcast (Part 4) now online!

Da Funk's Deep Love Podcast (Part 3) now available on
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Da Funk@Instudio 54 Radio

Da Funk@Instudio 54 Radio,
Tuesday, March 17th, 2009, 20:00 CET
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Da Funk@Club FM Radio

Club FM Radio Macedonia with special guest Da Funk
Monday, March 16th, 2009, 2.00 PM CET &
Friday , March 20th. 2009, 2.00 PM CET.
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Acryl Music Presents: In The Night Vol. 2 out now!

For Acryl’s 5 Year Anniversary we’re very proud to present you the 2nd
sampler, packed with brand new and previously unreleased tracks alongside
selected works from our back catalogue by both well established artists
and rising talents. But let the music do the talking!

Here’s the tracklist:

1) Da Funk – Love From Above
2) Sun Boys – Lost City
3) Da Funk - Devotion (2 Siberian Headz Remix)
4) Christoph Kardek – Rush
5) Onur Ozman – Random Kiss
6) Mao – Funk Of Blue
7) Cooccer – Art Of Sound (Da Funk’s Pop Art Dub)
8) Harold Heath – Let It Ride
9) Nestora & Lowell – Watching The Waves
10) Agent Matteo – Tuesday Has Gone (Sendos Fuera Remix)
11) Da Funk – Sativa (Ross Couch Remix)
12) Salt Sweet – City Shell
13) Da Funk – Catch The Wave (Subsky’s Galaktik Mix)
14) Cooccer – Art Of Sound (Lukas Greenberg’s Berlin Mix)
15) Onur Ozman – Steadiness (Adam Jace Dub)

Promo Reactions:

"Congrats on the half decade man! There is some serious tunage here.
Onur Ozman - Random Kiss is LARGE! I will be playing this loads.
Harold Heath - Let It Ride is really nice too. Full support."
Adam Jace (Plastic City, Thug, Elevation)

"It is great to see the 2nd sampler For Acrylís 5 Year Anniversary.
Good stuff ! Lot of nice tracks here will definitely support !
Congratulations 5 Anniversary, Acryl Rocks !"
Bobi (Club FM Radio)

"amazing compilation. will play it 4 sure !!! Deeeeeep !!!!"
DJ Ino (House Café Music)

"Good selection, got a few of these already, the Da Funk tracks are my fav"
Shur-I-Kan (Freerange, Dark Energy, Urbantorque)

"Really nice package!
I think my favs are Nestora's and Lukas Greenberg remix.Very nice!"
Daniel Kyo (Plastic City, Elevation, Deepology)

"Nice compilation. Agent Matteo Tuesday Has Gone (Sendos Fuera Remix) is my favourite.
Great as for dancefloor as for mind. Will play it for sure in my gigs. Keep it deep!"
Vincent Inc (Manuscript Records)

"Great compilation featuring the whole range of Acryl's sound from the
deepest string-fueled tunes to rhodes-driven house. I can't really
pick out one favourite song out of the 15. I will play at least five of them for sure."
Elmar Schubert (Dessous, Naked Music, Polyphonics)

"Great tracksss!!!My favs:
Onur Ozman - Random Kiss
Onur Ozman - Steadiness (Adam Jace Dub)
Da Funk - Devotion (2 Siberian Headz Remix)
Sun Boys - Lost City
Total support to it!!!!!!!!!"
Jesus Gonsev (Troubled Kids Records, House Café)

"I Cant Possibly Feedback Each And Every Single Track On This Release
As I Thought They Was All Wicked In There Own Right..... Top Work....
10/10 For The Whole Package"
Mr. Cenzo (Midi Drop Music, Loudeast, Guess)

"Thank you very much for sending me this awesome release.
I listen to it again and again. That's what I call "pure deep". This is one
of the quality releases, that I heard in past few months...
Well, I wanna pick my fav... but can't do it... There is so many big
artists.. All the tracks are really great!
Also I want to mention very good mastering.
Excellent! 10/10.
p.s. Listening again and again..."
Lena (AMDJS Radio, Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

" Oh what a huge package. Its now on my ipod cuz I need to listen to it if I make my daily walks.
Cant pick the best here so I need to here it ever and ever.
Big thx for the package. Im sure this package will find a deep place in my sets."
Andre Kronert (Neurotron, Ostwind Records, Night Drive Music)

"Well......, an outstanding compilation - deep, melodic, groovy - whatever
house music might possibly sound like - it's all in here.
Very hard to make a choice or even highlight a particular tune - our vote
goes to all of them. Our sincere compliments to all of the producers
involved in this project - cheers mates"
Full support from"
"Salt Sweet / Mad & Spectral (Deepology, Acryl Music)

"I really dig sun boys "lost city" nice liquid grooves with a touch of acid, would of loved it to have gone more atmospheric and orchestral in the back end,
but never mind, I still really like it. very good album all round, with lots of familiar artists and friends.
hope it does well for you"
Mr. Jones (Disclosure Project, Exquisite, Elevation)

"yeaa thats a good one! subsky's , greenberg's and jace's remixes are my picks here! thanks!"
Steve Mill (Urban Torque, Elevation, Tokio)

"Harold Heath - Let It Ride - very emotional way !!!!
Thank you, so many good tracks here."
DJ Electric (Deepology, Luckystars)

"Some nice bits in there..... "
Richard Earnshaw (Duff Note, Guess, Spirit Chaser)

"This is beyond essential!! The most sublime album out there right now!! 10/10"
Raymundo Rodriguez (Ministry Of Sound Radio)

Francesfo Farfa (Farfa Sound, Ibiza Sonica)

"can't believe it's Acryl's 5th birthday already, well done! This sampler is jam-packed full of melodic deep tech goodies. My personal favourite has to be the first one 'Love From Above' from the head honcho Da
Funk which has a lovely breakdown, deep and emotive - just my sort of thing!
Best of luck with the new release and here's to the next 5 years!"
Ross Couch (Body Rhythm, Blakkat, One Thirty)

"The whole comp is so good, but that track (Da Funk-Love From Above) is fucking amazing, so crunchy drums, loving melodies, totally my style :)"
Nacho Marco (Loud East, Freerange, Elevation)

"this compilation is really dope man. Spoiled of choice in
here... I'll definitely spin this tunes - got "acryl" in my box."
Fabien Kamb (/Body Rhythm, Onethirty Recordings, Elevation)

"Thanks for sending me this over,
it's a really good showcase of the label. Some great stuff on
here........ So here's to the next 5 years!"
Bamo (Spiritchaser, Duff Note, Guess)

"thanks for sending me the link, nice album with excellent producer, pure
deep house, I already have most of the stuff on this album but I will
definetely play those new tracks :
Da Funk-Love From Above
Onur Ozman-Random Kiss
Harold Heath-Let It Ride
Salt Sweet-City Shell"
Bruno From Ibiza (Ibiza Global Radio, Nassau Ibiza, Blue Marlin Ibiza)

"great release.... lot of the tracks fit in very well to our deephouse brunch on Sunday morning"
Carlos Mendes (Disko Massaker)

"Some nice tracks there, thanks for sending!"
Jaimy (Fatal Music)

"Very good compilation of deeper and softer side of tech sound."
P.Julm (Rulers Of The Deep)

*"Eine der besten Compilations, die ich je gehört habe! Richtig schöne chillige Tracks, gegen später dann etwas clubbiger. Kein einziger Ausfall, hervorragende Trackauswahl. Werde ich definitiv weiterempfehlen! Und gerade die letzten Tracks auch im Club einsetzen"
Stefan Grad (DJ Steve D., Gree Scenergy)

"Absolute quality, not one duff track on this album! It's smooth, Deep & tough....a must have album!!"
Paul Parsons (Drop X)

"Absolut fantastisch, verwende es natürlich gut, die Reaktion der Leute ist genauso gut wie meine,
absolut positiv, ist einfach ne geile Music."
Thomas Thiele (DJ Rico)

"digging this great housy comp in every respect... really useful groovy modern cuts, especially loving the dafunk remixes (from the veterans to me, subsky and ross couch who both craft very fine beats and soundscapes... ) and love from above original... total friday night get down and shake your hips music! also, never heard of lost boys before but loving this lostcity track! perfect opener for me! will definitely rotate most of these frequently!! *
Walter Batler (Supperclub San Francisco)

"loving this album and have pitched to review in iDJ"
Russ (I-DJ Magazine)

"was für einen wunderschönen Stoff hab Ihr mir denn da geschickt – wow!!! Ein Gänsehaut-Feeling durch und durch -
Chill-Factor vom allerobersten Regal!! Ich bin stolz auf Euch und bedanke mich sehr"
Michael Kröcker (S-Kröckie)

"sehr schöne compilation!"
Nermin (Soul 45 Records)

"very very music at its best!!! dafunk/ catch the wave subsky is a gem
( they are all gems but this one catches my ear! )"
Mike McKenna (Disco Science)

"Thanks - Very good album"
Ben Sowton (Seamless Records)

"this is a really relaxed and cool release. all tracks a fine slices. well done. 8/10"
David Phillips (Global Ritmico, Majestic Sounds)

"Quality compilation, especially cool Da Funk tracks! 8,5/10"
Bogdan Taran (Capital FM, SSradio UK)

"all tracks are very chilly and lovely!!"
Abyss (Forensic, Buzzin' Fly)

"A set of tracks with wow factor is a rare thing in an album of eclectic proportions today,
but these mixmasters have pulled it off, and whether it is for chill or peak play, it achieves."
Neil Brown (

"Very, very nice, keep it coming!"
Clemens Neufeld (Giant Wheel)

May we have the next dance?
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Release Date all other Download-Stores: 16.03.2009