Da Funk-After Hour E.P. out now!

Promo Reactions:

"Like 6 am! I was played this track at TechnoHappines Rave and really love vibes of this track :)"
Timo Camillo (Tea Drops Music, Proton)

"the more i listen to 6am the more i can hear this being used to slowly work the dance floor higher from the deeper parts of a set... love the flange on the drum loop in the background!"
Kenny Gino (Mind Influence Music, Solid Gold Playaz)

"6 A.M is a belter! top tune mate!"
Adam Jace (Plastic City, Thug, Elevation)

"Nice package right there! "Tomato Juice" is my pick - a track that spreads a really bright summer mood and funky vibez all over the place!"
Krummstoff (Low Flow Records, Dutchie, Night Drive)

"Mate - your sound is recognizable. Proper job on this one again.
"6 AM" - goes straight into my charts."
Fabien Kamb (Elevation, Body Rhythm, One Thirty)

"Another fantastic release - 'Tomato Juice' is brilliant, really love that bouncing tech groove, fantastic. Am digging the old-school flavours on '6am' too, that'll work really well at my Manchester residency, they love a bit of old style techy stuff there!"
Al Bradley (3 A.M. Recordings, Audiotonic)

"cheers used tomato juice in a new promo podcast, nice one bro"
Paul Jones (The Disclosure Project, Pesto, Elevation)

"hot summer jams..my pick is 6am!"
Juan Mejia (Dutchie Music, Grouper)

"my fave track is Tomato Juice..thanks"
Lou Lamar (Zurich By House)

"hi Dany, i like tomato juice:)"
Satoshi Fumi (Outerspace, Apt. International, Urban Torque)

"Tomato Juice is the one here...:)"
Richard Earnshaw (Spiritchaser, Duff Note, Guess)

"The pick for me was the 'Tomato Juice' Track..."
Mr. Cenzo (MidiDropMusic, Glideslope, Acryl Music)

"Thanks so much for the promo,really wicked package "Tomato
juice" is amazing very strong production, full support, in the box Will play this weekend!"
Bobi (Club FM Radio)

"Thanks mate for the promo,
my fav is tomato juice, will play for sure, perfect track for the summer ..."
Soul Minority (Pack Up And Dance, Elevation)

"Sounds good Daniel, best regards from Ibiza"
Joan Ribas (Ibiza Global Radio)

"like the da funk-tomato juice it's more close to my hearing and i would easily conclude it to my sets! cheers from greece"
Uplifted Happymood (Radio, Greece)

"Hey Dany, thanks for this mate. Both really handy tracks that will be played many times!"
Bamo (Spiritchaser, Guess, Duff Note)

"Love that tomato juice! Keep tha funk!
you know...it will be on my next mix :)"
Nestora (Disclosure Project, Acryl Music)

"Tomato Juice is the one for me Danny.. !
One of my fav. tracks from you for me :) Good work!"
Edmund (Connected Musik, Conya)

"6 A.M.!"
Blood And Tears (Karate Klub,Lordag)

Kiko Martinez (Doce Pulgadas Radioshow)

"funny oldskool stuff"
Oliver Klein (The Good One!,Tribehouse)

"tomato juice is nice."
Someone Else (Foundsound Records)

"like the tomato bassline and the wahwah feeling lets groove tonight..."
Taucher (Jetlag Digital)

"Very talented producer. I really like his sound. Very nice sound. Smooth operator!"
Half Stereo (Half Stereo, Dinamo FM)

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