Krummstoff-Backdoor Luv E.P. (incl. Da Funk Remix) out now!

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The long awaited Krummstoff EP is finally out! This is probably the best release from In Deep so far, with massive remixes from Florian Kruse's brother Benjamin, Da Funk and Christos Fourkis and huge worldwide support. This one is a must in everyone's CD wallet. The IDR018 is available exlusively on Beatport now!

DJ Feedbacks:

"cool mate, really love the da funk remix! deeep tech house:)"
Satoshi Fumi (Klik, Urban Torque)

"fresh and slick ! loving the da funk mix!"
Juan Mejia (Dutchie, Grouper)

"Real like the original on this one but Love what Da Funk have done to this... as always he works all parts well to bring that own Da Funk Sound......"
Mr. Cenzo (MidiDropMusic, Guess, Sophisticated)

"great remix as always from Da Funk, proper house beats"
Dibby Dougherty (Global Underground, Audio Therapy, Dyami)

"Very nice EP again. I think i like in here most the Am Fremdembaumpark original and Da Funk's remix. I feel there bit more character than in the others. Allthough the others have as well very nice deep groove and quality touch."
Ricky Inch (Cabrio, Deepology)

"Excellent work again by Da Funk...its so deep & dub :)"
Nestora (Acryl Music, Disclosure Project)

"nice release, like am fredembaumpark Original and Da Funk's Remix the best. 4/5"
Andy Bach (Young Society Records, Zaubermilch)

"da funks version is the one for me"
DJ Electrik (Deepology, Luckystars, Clubstar)

"Really awesome release. I love all versions especially the Da Funk remix and Krummstoff's Originals.
Actually the whole EP is pretty dope. Krummstioff is on fire at the moment. :)"
Big Al (Ready Mix Records)

"Amaaaaaaaaazing release!i really love all traks, Definetely will be used for my sets on the radio and warm up !!!"
Bobi (Club FM Radio)

"proper deepness, I like the sounds of this a lot 4/6"
Andy Ward (Reelgroove, Blacksoul, Favouritizm)

"Really diggin' Benjamin's remix!!! Full support from the family side!!!"
Florian Kruse (NRK, Noir Music, Kolour)

"very groovy and very cool 5/6"
Markus Schulz (Armada, Ultra, 405 Recordings)

"cool ep, will play it 4/6"
Colombo (Metamorph Muzik)

"Da Funk's remix for me - liking it. 4/6"
Tom Morgan (Discoteca Music)

"Nice pack here, all mixes sound have my support!!! Thanks, 4/6"
Shawn Mitiska (Garuda, Armada, Baroque)

"really cool release !! has a uber cool deep old skool sound !! 5/6"
Arjun Vagale (Brown Eyed Boyz, Laka-Tosh, Moon Tribal)

"Very good deep release. The remixes ´re cool. 6/6"
Nicolas Coronel (Mestiza Records, Acute, Toes In The Sand)

"All tunes are great!!! Benjamin Remix the most... I´ll play them a lot!!! Thanks for sending guys! 6/6"
Phunktastike (Spirit Soul, Liquid Grooves, Brown Eyed Boyz)

"Another quality release from In Deep. It will be very difficult to choose a favorite in this package. There's something enjoyable in every version. Downloading straight away. Will chart for February. 5/6"
Darin Epsilon (Inkfish, Dissident, Vice Versa)

"amazing set of tunes. can use them all. cheers. backdoor luv original is ace. 6/6"
Chloe Harris (Dyami, Bellarine, Mirabilis)

"Good stuff! 4/6"
Festa Bros. (Bend, Low Pressings, Acute)

"Am Fredembaumpark original is awesome 6/6"
Blacksoul (Blacksoul, Seamless, Guajira)

"nice and deep 4/4"
Martin Villeneuve (Play Digital, Nightshade Music, Ultra)

"nice ep 4/4"
Matt Samuels (Glideslope Music, Audica, Bigger Deer)

"Really enjoying the original mix of Am Fredembaumpark 4/4"
Joel Armstrong (Dot DOt, Lyon Echo, Apollo)

Thanks Guys, really liking this one. "Am Fredembaumpark" original my fav."
Spiritchaser (Guess, Duff Note)

"Great stuff! Definitely will be played on the show! 6/6"
Phil Eirich (Deephouse Cat Show)

"Great tunes here! love this tracks, great synths, rythm and grooves in it"
Lea D (Spirit Soul, Low Battery, In Deep Records)

"All of the tracks are pretty good. My favorite tracks are "Am Fredembaumpark" Original Mix and "Backdoor Luv" Original Mix and "Am Fredembaumpark" Benjamin Kruse Remix and l will play these out when l can. Thanks 4/6"
Anthony Pappa (Audio Therapy, Red Light District)

"quality EP! Thanks a lot 6/6"
Nicholas Van Orton (Particles, Triptik, Frisky)