Acryl Music 016 out now!

Out Now! The ueber deephouse release "Confusion" on Acryl Music.
Acryl's 16th release offers a package of deepness by Mr. Acryl himself and ace remixes from the likes of Stax (Chicago, USA), C&M Productions (Zurich, SWITZERLAND) and up and comer Anthony Molina (Arizona, USA).
Since having released a string of funkfuelled club tracks, Da Funk's newest release is a chilled down and beautiful deep gem as we love it from the deephouse afficionado. 'Confusion' is a tune that features all the necessary elements you expect from a beautiful track: skippy beats that keep's the track groove along so sweet, beautiful rhodes piano to add the needed mood, a bassline full of funk, vocal snippets and a synthline you'll sum all day long after you heard it
the first time

Promo Reactions:

"really digging this one (original), great job!"
Matthew Bandy (Seasons, Vista, Limestone)

"nice, well-rounded package here, although the Stax mix is the one for me...
played it last week at bar dynamite and got a nice response"
DJ Duane (Citydeep, Seasons, Alluv)

"sweet tunes and good uplifting feel to it but also with a deeper nice jazzy vibe. nice one!!"
Tom Christer/Addvibe (Disfunction, Thang)

"i really like the track with the C&M Productions mix being my favourite of the mixes.
definitly my kind of thing. Good work!"
Ross Couch (Seamless, Freaked, Offset)

"that's what i call a deepness bomb! lovely set of versions here while the original stays my most favourite. nothing can beat that bassline and the groove of that one is also something else.
if you wondered why Dany calls himself Da Funk, here's the answer :)
Will chart and feauture it on the PestoCast"
Jon Silva (Pesto, Plastic City, Conya)

"the tracks are great deep tunes! i like the original mix the best as it captures the essence of the tune to me. keep up the great work!"
Thomas White/Natural Rhythm (Seasons, Large, Amenti)

"really like the track and the different mixes"
Bruno (Café Del Mar, Ibiza)

"superb tracks! like'em all very much and will play them on my show"
Lars Behrenroth (DSOH XM Radio, Chez Music, Foreplay)

"as an old C&M fan, it's their mix who does it for me :) good stuff! very beautiful e.p."
Manuel Tur (So Sound, Agave, Smokestack)

"Ethereal groovin’ House is the name of the game for Daniel Kneubühler aka Da Funk. The original flows along smoothly, courtesy of lovely key arrangement, whilst Anthony Molina’s mix is a slightly hefty refit. C&M Productions stress the individual keyphonics on their revision, as sounds are submerged on the Stax Fucharistic Mix"
Jon Freer (Mosoul)

"love this release!. 'Confusion' brings a nice trippy feel to the table. on the original cut,
Da Funk lays out the formula for a proper deep house groove. I particularly like the vocal/guitar work. a nice smooth break with great pads. a very nice addition to Da Funk's Acryl catalogue"
Anthony Molina's take is as hot as the desert Anthony lives in. Nice warm bass and some great
key work give this cut a very nice, atmospheric feel. after the break, the groove drops in
nice and bumping...looking forward to play it this weekend!
the C&M remix is my fav cut off this release.nice refreshin take with the added percussion gives it a nice west coast feel. very dance floor friendly"
the Stax Fucharistic mix is a great mix that makes me feel like those mornings after a long night out. sweet keys and added percussion makes this track easy to listen to."
great Job! nice release"
Michael Day (Inhale Music, All House Music)

"loved the original mix the most, good quality house as per normal from this wicked
label called Acryl Music"
DJ Ferdinand (Aftershock Radio, Hyde Studios)

Da Funk - Confusion (Including Remixes) (Acryl Music 016)
Confusion (Original) (6:58)
Confusion (Anthony Molina Mixl) (8:15)
Confusion (C&M Productions Mix) (7:50)
Confusion (Stax Fucharistic Mix) (6:55)

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