A few words...

Lately i've been chit chatting a lot with fellow musicians, event organizers and label owners about if it's better to stay on one style instead of playing various styles both as a dj and as a producer. You, the guys familiar with my music know, i've always done everything i like, no matter the genre.

Nothing is more boring than repeating oneself all the time me thinks.
Certainly: concentrating on just one style has it's benefits. Especially when it comes to gigs. It's much easier for a booker to know the exact style you're playing when he has to fit you in a mostly already existing line up.

For me it would mean to leave brilliant music out of my sets because they "wouldn't fit" to a certain audience and as a sincere music lover, i'd sell my soul doing so.

Another point was that a producer, producing different styles, will alienate his fans, because they do not know what to expect from release to release. To be honest with you: that whole narrow mindedness in dance music is disgusting.

Good music is good music, no further discussions needed.
If you fear to experiment with different musical styles you should probably look for something else than producing music. same goes for dj'ing.

Instead of risking an empty floor, they play what everyone is playing. Boring music most of the time. Where's the fun by hearing empty, loop based tracks, with mostly no musicality all night?

I don't get it. if i go out, i search excitment, magic moments and brilliant music to be heard. Music i'll remember the next morning when i wake up. music i have to buy immediatly! This wasn' the case since a long time actually and i miss that.

To make a long story short: i urge you to say yes to more musicality in dance music again. Music that gives you feelings, emotions and happiness. Say no to dull, repeating shit music everyone can do with ableton in an instant.

Think outside your box. Be open for new styles and grooves. Just say yes. It's easy.
A long night out in a club is about having fun with your friends and lovelies. It's not about acting super cool and oh so underground. Fuck that!

I'll stick to my rules: if i feel a piece of music, i'll play it, no matter if it might be "not enough underground", "uncool" or "cheesy".
Purists who?

Thanks for your attention