Da Funk E.P. on Forensic Records out now!

This 3 track EP is a label debut for Swiss born dj, producer and Acryl label boss Da Funk.
Having released some of the deepest and smoothest house around for over a
decade viahis own label he has recently caught people's attention via superb
releases on Terry Lee Brown Jnr's Plastic City Label.

This is deephouse music at it's finest combining percussive beats, subtle licks and
funk injected smooth melodies. With a slight old school approach to drum programming,
this no fuss collection of deep house tracks slowly build with smooth chords, and extra
gentle synths making them perfect early evening numbers…

"Follow me", "Fast Forward" and "Walking on Clouds" have a sense of thoughtfulness
about them and are expertly produced with just the right amount of techy-ness.

Promo Reactions:

"Great release... play's coming from me.."
Paul Harris (Dirty Vegas)

"This is very good - quality deep house."
Shur-I-Khan (Freerange, Om, Physical Graffiti)

"nice swirly hypnotic deepness"
Leigh Morgan (Urban Torque, Helvetic Recordz)

"nice tracks"
James Talk (Soaken, Cr 2, Urbantorque)

"damn good release from my Swiss friend - really love the beats and the mood in Walking on
Clouds... and i must say that Follow me is also brilliant tracvk. Full support everywhere"
Blacksoul (Deepfunk, Blacksoul, Grab)

Behrouz (Renaissance, Positiva, Shinichi)

"really like them all, nice deep techy business, will play em for sure!
Tom Budden (Proton Radio)

"super techy but subtle vibes.. feeling all 3 toons!"
Johnny Fiasco (Defected, Om, Agave)

"Dany is a hard worker ! Good sound,
nice melodies, favourite track is Follow Me. Will play it."
Nacho Marco (Loudest Records, Plastic City, Freerange)

"nice early and midset grooves"
Chris Fortier (Fade, 40oz)

"great to see my mate Dany on Forensic with me! Great release indeed! I'm especially feelin' Fast Forward.. Fits into my sets a treat.. Full support!"
Scope (Urbantorque, Forensic, Large)

"cool track to open the dance floor!!!! - I like it!"
Abyss (Buzzin Fly, Ibadan, Forensic)

"wicked peak of the night stuff"
Greg Vickers (Sankeys, Ministry Of Sound, Mixmag)

"cool deep sounds, Follow Me has a really nice melody and groove to it."
Stu Hirst (Viva, Harlem, Forensic)

"good – thanks!"
DJ Chus (Stereo, Stealth, Fluential)

Pole Folder (Bedrock, Frisky, Proton)

"strong release here from Da Funk. Will be definately playing Fast Forward,
tight beats and warm chords...nice"
Office Gossip (Winding Road, Myna)

"Walking clouds is out of this world, i'll be playing it AND
the other 2 tracks heavily!!"
Raymundo Rodriguez (Ministry Of Sound Radio)

"Solid ep all through - pick for me is Follow me though ! Thanks"
Sam Ball (Urbantorque, Toolroom, Variance)

"love this producer, and this EP! Vive le deep!"
Funk D'Void / Francois Dubois (Urbantorque, Soma, Freerange)

"Follow Me is right up my alley - can't wait to drop this on a system.
Nice 3 tracker though - will play all 3 tracks! Thanks!"
Joshua Iz (Nrk, Junior Boys Own, Om)

"fast forward is for me ! thanks you"
DJ Electric (Clubstar, Deepology, Soulstar)

"will give all three a play on the system later,
guessing my laptop speakers arent doing these badboys justice.good shit"
Funky Transport (20:20 Vision, Chez, Playhouse)

"Walking On Clouds my fav here, solid EP again."
Mark Lowry (Forensic, Saw, Urbantorque)

Slam (Soma, Fabric)

"nice grooves, Walking On clouds is great for my early sets. Cheers."
Neil Quigley (Urbantorque)

Harm Willemsen (Stealth)

"i love all trax!he makes quality trax everytime.play def!!"
Satoshi Fumi (Clubstar, Outer Space, Sequent)

Sarah Main (Pacha)

"i've been playing loads of Dany's stuff recently on Plastic City & Acryl, so these are just another 3 crackers which will be added to my sets. All three are quality deep & trippy house outings, with 'Fast Forward' my pick of the three. Top stuff from Dany, as always."
Al Bradley (3 A.M., Audiotionic, Bugged Out)

"Im loving the grooves this release has to offer. Top Notch !!!"
Roger Sanchez (Stealth, Release Yourself, Strictly Rhythm)

"Pretty cool, liking all but "Fast Forward" the most, I like the clicky perc and the hypno sine in it, nice and smooth. Good builder and will play early doors. Thanks"
Mike Miller

"great tracks, gonna play all!"
Subsky (Urbantorque, Plastic City, Acryl Music)

"great ep and three hot tracks.
My favorite being walking on clouds with its funky drums and techy textures."
Tedd Patterson (Black Vinyl, Cielo NYC)

"predictably nice gear, all three tracks are very playable, fast forward probably my fave"
Harold Heath (Urbantorque, Plastic City, 3 A.M.)

"like the tracks a lot, will defo play them all for sure in my warm up sets,
my favourite is "Walking on clouds" its brilliant !!!"
Agent Matteo (Acryl Music, Deep Class, Shayan)

"lovely package, great da funk stuff,
but i really like fast forward out of them all! will def play and support!!"
Spin Science (Urbantorque, Cabrio, Pesto)

"Wow…amazing. I love walking on clouds and follow me. I like also fast forward but this 2 are my favourite. Will definitely play and support it. Big thanks for this nice deep summertunes."
Neurotron (Night Drive Music, 2600 Records, Neurotron Music, Ostwind Records)

" thanks for the quality once
again..forensic is a lovely label and im very happy to
see u release for them..the release is all up my way!!
i love "fast forward" and "follow me"..superb!!"
Steve Mill (Urbantorque, Escada, Plastic City)

"super phat,
especially "fast forward!"
Cooccer (Acryl Music, Pesto, Next Dimension)

"Very nice, groovy, well produced and uplifting EP.
Follow me & Fast Forward will work perfectly one the dancefloor.
Walking on Clouds is more Chilli but perfect too for a
daytime Pool Party in Ibiza next summer!
Full support!!"
Al Velilla (Pacha Ibiza, Modern Electronics, Acryl Music)

"I love "walking on clouds"
Christoph Kardek (Atal Music, Gogo, Fiat Lux)

"Very nice release!Especially "walking on clouds" is a great tune.
I'll play and chart it :)"
Babak Shayan (Shayan Music, Soda Inc., Bar 1)

"Great one. Fast Forward is my favourite.
Full support on Ibiza Sonica"
Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica)

"More good stuff from Dany, !
all 3 tracks are highly playable on this one. 
Quality Deep tech house with an atmospheric edge."
Ross Couch (Body Rhythm, Blakkat)

"Walking on Clouds is my choice cut from the EP"
Richard Earnshaw (Duff Note, Spiritchaser, Guess)

"FULLLLL support from me on this EP man!! Fast Forward and Follow Me doing the damage!
Swiss deep house artists of the year me thinks ;)!!!"
BP Zulauf (Helvetica Recordingz, Dirty Basics)

"follow me:
nice filtery swooping theme, electro styled bassline, decent flowing groove to this
fast forward:
this ones a touch chunkier, but still retaining that deep house flow.
walking on clouds:
this ones a little more tough, and yet still quite liquidy and dreamy. more progressive in feel overall than the other two.
pick of the three for me would be walking on clouds."
Paul Jones (Disclosure Project, Elevation)

"Solid package buddy.
Especially "Fast Forward" will appear definitely in my playlists.
But I like all tracks. Really very good productions ..very funky!"
Chris Niteshake (Pesto, Plastic City)

"WOW WOW bro!!!!!!!
I love this work man!!!!!!
Very good production,incredible three cuts man!!
Congratulations again!!In my opinion is your best EP man!!!!My favourite cut is Walking On Clouds but other tracks are good too bro!!
Total Support"
Jesus Gonsev (House Café, Gotta Keep Faith, Troubled Kids)

"loving the mix Walking On Clouds... this is going rock the floors man
Follow me, liking the rid on it bro
fast forward... like this track, as you listen to it, it get better and better
good stuff bro.... this is a bullet... i been charting this as well"
Zaki Lais (Muak Music)

"Really beautiful work dude ! A lot of soul in your music ;) support"
Pedro Cali (Elevation, Extremly House Music)

"really love your all trax.especially "follow me":)
full support!"
Satoshi Fumi (Outerspace, Sequent, Klik)

"awesome tracks mate! Everyone of them offers something
different yet keeping that signature groove of yours. Will support!"
Adam Jace (Plastic City, Helvetic Recordz)

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and many others!